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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Calculators

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Calculators

Let me go - JJ corners from Arkansas hi Jay I got three questions in one problem okay but we still got two years mister Obama he didn't mention that he's our cousin that's true more years that's true and then the funny thing is cattle prices I do a lot of cattle in the now way I haven't seen all thing I've seen is he'd go up I mean that's all I've seen out there he's run small herds he just keeps going up ee Bonds is my question okay I bought a double D barn back in LA oh nine and 2022 I was under the impression after so many years they supposed to be fully healed was supposed to meet up safety by 100 he bought it at 58 after seven years it's posted a hundred and he goes to the interest I haven't even hit that and you find that well they keep changing the bar they keep moving they keep moving in don't on a daily basis by the way J so you know they they so they earn interest here here's how it used to be that you could Bank on you used to be able to bank on the fact that they continue to earn for 30 years after 7 or 12 years depending on what kind of bond it was it was face value in other words you bought it you bought a hundred dollar bond for 50 bucks and you know at the end of seven years it was worth a hundred but they keep changing that keeps moving and it continually moves so I don't even know what it is now like I don't how long have you had it okay so I mean are they at face and close to face value yet no no yeah I mean that's our that's our you know government just moving the bar on it all the time as interest rates continue to stay low you know they're gonna you know they're an unable to reach any kind of reasonable amount of time for them to you to face value and that's that's the problem so you know so if you see interest rates the Fed raised interest rates let's say at the end of this year then you're gonna see the maturity on those e bonds you know change for the better now you know as interest rates come up but that's exactly what continues to happen and I suspect you know and it's happening to anybody it doesn't matter it's you're relevant when you bought the bond so if you bought the bond in 1987 everything is still slowed down so doesn't matter.

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