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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Cardholder

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Cardholder

Music hi I'm Chuck Dorsett for Weaver leathercraft and we are going to make a beautiful credit card case and of course a classic bifold wallet and we are gonna have a blast doing this super easy on both now with our fivefold we've got a vegetated a chrome tan version in both kits so right here we're going to go with a chrome tan version the point there is all I have to do is drop in a groove line chisel line glue our pockets in and then sew that and we've got a gorgeous durable wallet it's probably it's probably gonna last longer than we will it's chrome tan so we can't really decorate this but again not really the point of the video now we're gonna step over after that right to our credit card case that I love these little cash credit card and driver's license that slips right in my pocket but we're going to go with the veg to emerge in here we're gonna drop in a cool little border stamp die antique topcoat and we're gonna finish that off with that beautiful white stitch line is that not a great project now one great point this also comes in the chrome tan my point here is this birthdays holidays coworkers if we want to pass out some gifts we can make this version in the chrome tan in about 20 minutes no tooling no personalization but nonetheless we can knock out eight or ten of these in an evening all right anything I use in this video weaver leather craft comm or look below we've got links there take you straight to our website now like I mentioned we're coming from kits so we don't really need to make a pattern but nonetheless let's step over here look at our pieces and parts and there's a trick to a bifold that always throws everyone the first time they make one will knock that out as well nice we are laid out and ready to go very organized cool now on our buy fold the one thing that's a trick here and I get this question or this comment all the time we've got our exterior leather then we've got our liner the problem is when we line that up we're always short that's because we need some bin there if we didn't have that and that was cut exact a size every time we've been that I can almost hear that leather compressing what it's going to do is compress whatever's in here and it's going to bow out our front we don't want that we want a little extra room in there so therefore what we'll do so one end down to the end of our pocket then we'll gather that in the center and so the other side that'll give us some good some good room there for a fold now when we jump over to our veg 10 credit card wallet well it's as simple as that that is ready to go now this is the version we're going to work on but always there's the chrome tan version super simple with a beige thread looks great and of course we could always drop in the standard basket-weave doesn't that look clean and tight very cool sky's the limit on decoration but again here let's keep it simple so now let's step over to the main table and we're going to add our groove line in now we're going to use an adjustable groover it's one of my favorite tools it's really going to dress up our edge we've got a cutting head right here and a guide arm now I've got this set at 1/8 of an inch and I've got that marked because to me 1/8 of an inch in is a perfect width for a stitch line if it gets too far in there in my opinion it starts to look cheap and if it's too close to the edge it's not going to be a solid stitch line now with this super easy tool to pick up what I'm going to do is put my guide arm right next to the edge of my leather I'm going to drop the cutting point down on that and I'm going to give it just a little bit of clowner counterclockwise pressure there we go ok easy enough so we're going to sink our chisel line in that for our stitch line it's going to look very consistent but I use this as well on every edge even if I'm not sewing because it just makes it look very professional and very finished there we go looks good but also too we want to be careful thicker leather not such an issue but when we jump down here we don't want to add so many grooves in there that that edge becomes a tab alright so one more point here let's start right here I'm going to groove the front side of the card case but I'm not going to groove the back side because we'll glue these together and we're going to chisel that line but it's almost impossible to get our chisel completely straight so it comes it goes through one groove line and comes out the other the point there is that we'll have a groove line and our stitch line is going to be just a little bit inside or outside that and that's going to look terrible without that it's going to look just like it's a clean straight line all right so let's jump over to our main body guide arm against the edge and let's just groove and there we go coming around that last point okay that looks pretty good take that little tab off we will get that off there we go okay so our veg to groove and ready for the next step so let's set that aside.

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