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Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Cashed

Tenemos hasta que nos a funcionar mucho que el chapo burrows he's become famous because of the music because of the culture because everyone talks good about him he's the modern Robin Hood we don't see him as someone bad Mexico's government was pretty proud of itself the day that the drug lord Joaquin el chapo guzman was recaptured just six months after his crazy tunnel escape a day later the story took another bizarre turn Rolling Stone published an interview at Chapel gave to actor Sean Penn back in October lots of attention went to the scandal at it sued while many immediately became obsessed with the chapel's fashion choices there's a certain market phenomenon that happens every time one of these drug lords is caught or captured whatever attire or year they are wearing becomes an instant sales hit of both sides of the border in 2022 after a Ducati Adriana was caught in Mexico his pine green Nanako polo became an instant hit in Mexico and here in the u.s. well right now we're here in the fashion district of downtown Los Angeles and behind me is a shop called Barajas they are the makers of the two shirts that Joaquina chapo guzman was seen wearing in the photographs that were published by rolling stone during his meeting with actor Sean Penn so these are the two styles yes okay and what are they called this is a fantasy and this is a crazy pasty and I imagine you got a lot more orders for these two styles yes hundreds from all around the world we have Germany customers we have friends everywhere in Latino Mexico Israel aggressive couple image from the base you know questions raised about you know is this the core vacation of sort of like the narco business what is your response or reaction to that and it's a we are a fashion designer we are not we are not affiliated with anybody as a Labor said good work good talks and good deeds that's why we just announced that do five percent of our profit to the dear corporation for the child drug abuse that's drug abuse resistance for yester there it was a nice idea but there later said on their website that they would have rejected any such offer it's beautiful or as you can see but ours wasn't a brand that just became instantly popular with the Mexican Banda Norteno singers many of these artists are super well known and are huge sellers here in the United States in Mexico you have Espinosa bass here you have a comb and add a couple of other guys giovanni from another color okay gotcha we're kind of looking at a chicken or egg scenario here who wore this style of dress first the drug lords or the musicians who sometimes sing about them what certain is that the mexican regional music scene also known as banda or north annual is a hugely profitable genre that has had a huge impact on the country's popular culture many of its most famous artists are from the state of Sinaloa or have roots there but also the home of the Sinaloa cartel and chapels drug empire which has inspired the growth of the narco corridos genre tales told in song of drug lords and their exploits Sinaloa culture at large is spreading in influence Sinaloa fashion slang even foods are becoming more popular in the u.s. relatives of El Chapo had even attempted to register his name and nickname as a trademark in Mexico los angeles has played a pivotal role in the development of querido culture with popular clubs serving as venues for musicians who pioneered the narco corridos genre to learn more a meeting with sam quinones an author who's written extensively about this scene Sam you're one of the earliest chronicles of querido culture here in southern california where are we now what is this spot that is behind us here we are in the beautiful town of South Gate California much of this area was filled with large factories when those left all the residents were white also left and in their place came a huge numbers of Mexican immigrants and this area became kind of like a little Mexico in this place across the street here was a famous some say infamous club called in Parral this was kind of a center of the microflora that really began to develop with the corridors of ciolino sanchez and then of course the intensification of drug trafficking from Mexico to the United States the club became a kind of a nucleus of gang life narco life in city of Southgate hated this club it was constant police calls and a few years ago the Los Angeles Unified School District took the property through eminent domain and built a willow elementary school over the years some narcocorrido singers have been shot or killed in Mexico a sign of how the Lions can blur between the drug traffickers and their quarry those story tellers on this side of the border while querido nightlife still exists incidents of violence and crime have caused the scene to subside we're in the city of Pico Rivera here in LA and this is the site of what used to be the most popping Club to hear this kind of music well it turns out this spot at Vallejo has been shut down and now it's been empty for more than a year as its former owner faces very serious charges related to trafficking and to money laundering however they really just picked picked up and took God some old cash register there some glasses it's not only the club scene that's changing the music itself evolved with the rise of the movimiento Eldorado or the unaltered movement a style of hyper violent narco corridos the querido was this true newspaper of the Mexican working class.

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