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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Comments

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Comments

Hi I'm bill Myers and this is another one of my video tips of the week in this week's video tip I'm going to show you a very important site on the web that you want to visit if you have a cellphone especially if you have a Google gmail account let me show you what I mean as you probably know if you go to maps.google.com Google will show you Google Maps what you may not know it is if you go to maps.google.com slash location history Google will show you where you've traveled with your cell phone in the last day or the last 30 days so last week or so and it will show you all the destinations that you visited and you can see that it shows everywhere I went as well as everywhere that I stopped and this is just for one day and if I want to look at two days 3 days 5 days 7 days 14 days or 30 days I can do just that it's interesting feature and most people don't know it exists now this location history is automatically turned on if you have a gmail account or a Google account and if your phone has location services turned on now if you're using Google Maps or a number of other apps on your cell phone location services is turned on automatically and this map that you see here will be available when you go to maps like google.com slash location history now the good news is only those who are logged into your Google account on your computer can see your location history so if you want to worry about someone else finding your location history unless they happen to have your Google login information in that case they can quickly find out where you've been in the last 30 days all the places you've gone where you've taken your phone with you now if you don't want this information recorded there is a way to turn it off and Google has a page showing you how to turn off the location tracking in Google settings now the way you do it is you log in your phone you click on Google settings and then you turn off location reporting and you can also turn off location history and you can delete all location history but even if you do this if you have other apps that turn on location the location history can be tracked and they will show up when someone enters maps like google.com slash location history now I'm not saying this is something you should worry about but it is something you should be aware of that your phone does track your location and that anyone who sits down on the computer knows your Google login can just enter maps like google.com slash location history and find out where you've been where you've traveled days you've travelin in the description of the video I've included a link to this page here so you can learn more about how to turn that off if you're interested in it I'm bill Myers has been another one of my video tips of the week you can find more like this at WWB myers calm.

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