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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Dependent

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Dependent

Hello and welcome to this video tutorial from computer gargoyle comm in this video we will have a look at how you can create multiple dependent drop-down lists in Excel to assist your data entry so drop down this to great then find a very easy way of entering data but more importantly it will be accurate data however if you have quite large lists you may wish to break that down and provide multiple can list for selection but the second third and fourth lists or so on however many you need would be dependent on the selection from a previous list so once you have created a list for list one here you know the options in list two will be dependent on what somebody has chosen in this one and then so on the options in this tree will be dependent although chosen is two now on the other sheets of our spreadsheet here I have already set up some lists as an example so the first list will be a list of categories of product similar to what you would find on Amazon and then I've got the other lists of summary choose books I'll get this drop-down list of romantic travel computed if somebody spected films they'll get this drop-down list of different film genres and so on they are broken down even further as if they choose books and then choose romance they'll get this selection of books now for what we are going to do to work we need to create a range name for each of these little list groups that has been set up on this sheet or that you would like to use now I've taken the time to do a low then the head of this video select him to show creating the couple of them together stops going and you'll notice I've got this romance one selected at the moment 82 to e4 and in the name box in the top left it is called Romans never set these games selves is known as games so I've just used the same name that I've got in the head of it for simplicity I can lay me whatever I want but I've user so known as hell now what is important absolutely vital important for what we are about to do is that the name we give to the range has to exactly match the option in the previous list so this category list the option is called games and the name of the range is games so there has to be bang on the same I can't have the category same computer games and then the range then called games SB bang on the same as they will be matched up for these dependent list to work okay so this have a look at creating a range name in case this is new to anybody watching this video so for this category list I'll select the ranges ie 2 to a4 and all we need to do is simply click in this name box in the top left here and type in what we would like to call it so I'll call it category and press ENTER on the keyboard to confirm now I'll need to do the same here for this books 1 and as I just mentioned we will need to name that books I need to match what it is called in the category here so highlight the range of cells with book items in clicking the name box type books and press ENTER to confirm so now every range every list here has a range name assigned to and we can see these both in this little drop-down list for that name box and I can also see them on the formulas tab and the name manager button where I can use this to manage these range names should I need to at a later date if I wish to change their name or maybe even change their range but I'll close that for now and the range names are done the next step is to create the list so I'm going to go to my data entry sheet and highlight the cells I would like to create the initial first listing they can sex whatever range you wish I'm going to select down to row ten just sits nice and visual we can see what I'm applying the list to you may wish to apply to a column or just one sale whatever it is depending on what you're doing I'm going for the data tab and the data validation button across on a data tab so that I can create a list from here now this first list will be nice and simple it's quiz the first one is just a standard list and I'm going to reference the range name then I used on that other sheet so the first list is for categories so we'll type equals category that is the range name I gave it I'll have to retype that typed it wrong here we go equals category and I'll click OK so that first list get done all the options and a category list obvious your only three these are quite small lists and now in order sales from a two to a 10 okay now the next list will be that little bit more awkward so next select b2 down to be 10 for the second list back to data validation and to create a list but this time we will be using a function called indirect so let me close that box for a moment we'll be using this function indirect a function that returns a reference specified by a text ring so when somebody makes their first selection in the list the second list we'll look at what they chose see it chose films and look for something Excel also called films and which.

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