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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Download

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Download

Hey guys this is a Ben 23 this is a unboxing and review of the DV power PT 100 C intelligent network pan and tilt camera so when you open up the box it has a manual in it with the quick set-up instruction guide there is a box which has the mount in it that you can use to put on your wall it has a USB cable for charging it also has this small accessory kit which has some screws as well as a connector to connect to your other alarm system it also has the actual charger in it the device itself is very nice-looking it is similar to a webcam there's not much happening on the side at the back you have your Ethernet cable your SD card your output for your alarm system and then your power cable to set this camera up and have it running is fairly simple go to your App Store and download the DB power Pro app it is in the App Store then what you have to do is plug the device in while the camera is booting up launch the DB power Pro app it will give you some information and ask you about notifications make sure to turn this option on you can skip to all of these options it's just providing detailed information nothing important here next thing you have to do is actually judge Esther for the application it is fairly simple once that is done make sure to hit the Wi-Fi connect button at this point it's gonna ask you to enter your Wi-Fi information enter that in next thing got to do is to synchronize the camera with your Wi-Fi reset your camera hold down the reset button with is located at the bottom for three to six seconds once it's done it's gonna pan around for a couple of seconds and then it's gonna make a beeping noise three times once he's done that then press next on the iPhone app at this point the iPhone app is gonna try to connect to the webcam if this didn't work then we set the camera again and then perform the same steps again and when it's done you will see that it's connected and you will be able to see the camera by pressing the play button at this point there are many other options that are available something that's I you would probably want to check out there are the alarm settings so to move the camera around you simply touch the screen and then pan around wherever you want to it is very easy to do there is a option for the mic as you press it you can actually look into the mic from your phone and it will broadcast through the webcam you can also listen in what's happening through the webcam by pressing the speaker button now looking at the pros and cons first of all this device is less than $50 and it is 720p so it is fairly cheaper than the other competitive products the device is also very easy to set up and it comes with a nice iPhone application for the iPhone i use the DB power pro app this is a very nicely laid out app the other good thing is that it does send you notifications over your phone whenever the alarm is on however notice this seems to be a hidden miss sometimes I do get the notification sometimes I don't so that is when I get a point one cool option is that it has a buzzer in it so if the alarm goes off then there is a very loud buzzer back so that's something that's cool so that's it guys this was a quick unboxing and review of the DB power PT 100 C I hope you enjoyed it please make sure to LIKE and subscribe thank you.

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