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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Educational

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Educational

Music Music Applause Music Music Music Music Music the sense of smell smell is the act of detecting chemical molecules in the air by sensitive nerves in your nose they send a signal to your brain telling it what kind of smell it is what may smell good to one person may not be the same for another Music you action ha Music Applause Music Music Music Music Music what is panting our lungs are responsible for providing the body with oxygen that is essential for our body to work when you breathe in your lungs fill with air tiny structures inside called bronchioles absorb the oxygen from this air immediately the oxygen is absorbed into the bloodstream and taken to the heart where it is pumped to the rest of the body however when we are running a cycling are very active the muscles in our body require more sugar to produce the added energy a muscle would need an extra amount of oxygen in order to use the sugar in the blood for energy this is why we pant or breathe more heavily Music we do not have to purposely breathe faster when we run a body will automatically adjust our breathing to make up for the energy we require it is advise that you do not eat before doing any heavy activity since oxygen-rich blood is also needed by the stomach to digest food once you've eaten project recall the amount of breaths you take in one minute then run a set distance and compare how many breaths you take per minute once your breathing comes back to normal run the same distance but this time try and purposely take longer breaths as you run what is the difference in your breaths per minute after round 1 and round 2 Music Music Music Applause Music the digestive system the digestive system is responsible for supplying the body with the nutrients needed for carrying out bodily functions it breaks down the food we eat into smaller particles which is then used by the body to generate energy the digestive system is made up of the mouth the esophagus stomach the small intestine large intestine and the rectum the mouths food is broken into smaller pieces in the mouth by chewing the ease of phases these pieces being easy to swallow and digest travel down the ease of figures to the stomach stomach the stomach contains juices which break down these particles into smaller molecules small intestine the food is further broken down in the small intestine glands like liver and pancreas produced bile and pancreatic juice which help in this process the simple molecules are then absorbed into the bloodstream from the small intestine and sent to all parts of the body Music large intestine water is absorbed from the remaining food in the large intestine rectum the left over solid waste is thrown out of the body through the rectum what are the end products of digestion proteins result in amino acids fats give us fatty acids and starch gives us simple sugars the small intestine is over 20 feet long food can travel for over 12 hours in our digestive system before it gets completely digested why do we get tans the Sun is a life-giving force however too much of Sun can be harmful to humans and plants alike the brown color in your skin is caused by the presence of a pigment called melanin it serves as a protective layer in your skin to prevent it from getting damaged by the Sun when our skin is exposed to the Sun it begins to produce melanin to protect itself over a long period of time the accumulation of this pigment under your skin is known as a tan the body does not produce melanin immediately if a skin is exposed to very harsh sunlight your body may not be able to produce enough melanin in time to prevent your top layer of skin from getting severely damaged Music this is why we get sunburned the layer of skin that gets burnt will automatically peel off to reveal a new layer of skin underneath if you're going out to the Sun put on sunscreen if you are at the beach or cover up with some any cotton clothing project most sunscreens have different SPF can you find out what that stands for and what it means water bumps and bruises have you ever crashed into something when running around on the playground that results in a nasty bump if it's really bad then the swelling is a complete with hues of purple green and yellow surrounding the injured area let's find out why all this happens right under the top layer of your skin is a network of very fine tubes that carry blood known as capillaries when you bump into something these capillaries burst and release the blood that is flowing through them into the surrounding tissue even though the skin does not break blood is released into the tissue and will coagulate bumps normally occur when the injury is near a part of the body that is close to the bone like on your head shin or forearm bruising occurs due to the same reason as bumps for the different colors appear because of the blood that spills out of the capillaries into the tissues as hemoglobin breaks down it changes colour from purple to green then yellow and finally golden brown since this is not actually life-threatening the body will automatically clean up the bruised area and your skin will look as good as new in a week or so project can you find out why you get a black eye when you break your nose.

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