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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Employment

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Employment

Hey yo guys what's going on it's your boy AJ here with state leaders there for 20 and if you guys are new to my channel or video so on say welcome what my channel mainly consists of is mainly 420 in the 420 space either if you guys are interested in 420 accessories or wear or wear and apparel or basically if you guys do smoke in general so if you guys do like 420 stuff hit that subscribe button cuz I am doing my first ever giveaway I'll explain a little bit more about that and then on the video but in the - in today's video guys I'm gonna be talking about the process of how to get your medical card so you guys are probably wondering how you guys get your medical card without getting a medical papers and all that so let me tell you my story so I was in Arizona for about three years it's it's legal they're not really legal but Union medical card but when you get your medical card there they have a state feed and something else B so total comes out to be like 200 bucks so that's why I didn't get it cuz I was still in college and there was just no use of me getting it but if you guys are really wanting to get it if you guys are in college then things have the money you can scheme go ahead and get it but I'll tell you it's procedure afterwards didn't tell a little bit more about my story and then coming down to Hawaii that's where I moved that's why I'm living out right now that's where I'm originally from they just made it to medical medical medical use down here in this state so it's pretty new here and there's only one dispensary so the reason why I want to get my medical card is because my lower back I do have severe pain sometimes we're gonna work it out heavy machinery I work during the day and when I come home from from what my lower back tends to hurt and you know you know yes if you guys had that problem you guys know how I feel sorry for girls if you guys have cramps down there or just sinuses all over your face or just pain in general you guys are qualified in getting you guys medical card I mean there's ABS at the severe medical BSI papers as well that instantly I seen yet that instantly but you know you guys are you gonna be done talking to doctors as well so but I really cool about it just explain how you think that but we could help you with your pain so they usually recommend it to you so what I usually did this I looked on Google first and on YouTube how to get it procedure because I was scared because I didn't have medical papers but going to my nearest smoke shop that's what you guys should usually do first go to your nearest smoke shop go to multiple ones as well because you never know if you get it like a doctor nearby because there's doctors if you guys go to you there's smoke shops there's sometimes there's doctors I come to your house or I want to meet you nearby or their office is closer so always go to like multiple ones and ask to the front desk cashier the front desk with the cashier if you guys have any recommendations of doctors that you guys could recommend and then usually always give you guys papers and give cards and whatnot just like this or their whole other number then usually everything you tell you to take pictures of it and then you contact them from there sorry I'm like I drank the Red Bull and I like burping like crazy right now it's like almost 12:00 and just want to make this video before I forget and yeah so goatee is near smoke shop guys and ask them if you guys have a recommendation for a doctor for to get your medical card and again take pictures of that number or get that card contacted that doctor or usually they have like I have here this is the biggest card usually they would have this Instagram and Facebook I or you can text him an email him as well or them or look them up with if they have a I remember because they Arizona they have stores and medical places really doctors really can go in and talk to them up from there but this guy he met me at the new mall if he is from Hawaii at the new mall in Kapolei so it's really convenient early in the morning right when they're open so there was nobody there and yeah basically got my info there and everything well actually when you guys contact him he's gonna tell you it was the procedures you guys doctor or whoever he is talk talk to and make sure you guys get your ID and the form of payment and it's necessary to bring Michael papers as well but yeah it's only to like I did just telling him how why you need it and whatnot so really cool it's really a plus if you guys are from Hawaii I'll prcomment below if you guys are interested in getting you guys medical card because it is new and they're opening two more dispensaries in Hawaii as well so it's really safe and beneficial in the long run it's awesome card comment down below if you guys are from Hawaii and I'll give you guys his number if you guys are from out of state just Google or Google Maps of medical doctor and there should be multiple that lots of places that should pop up and yeah so when.

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