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What's up Six Pack Shortcuts family we're actually here to debauch three common myths that you might have fallen into in your fitness journey what's up everybody it's Johnny and I'm here with one of our newest trainers this is Connor Murphy Connor glad to have you here man very gonna be in your bed yeah we were excited for you so once you tell the viewers a little bit about yourself all right man well I'm Connor Murphy I'm a college student also a fitness youtuber I like to do fun stuff you know make Fitness entertaining go out take my shirt off in front of girls stuff like that first we want to talk about a couple of things a couple of myths some things that you may have heard of and I'm sure Connor heard of and that's things that can detract or prevent you from building muscle or losing fat specifically first I want to talk about is protein right I heard this way back when especially when I was a teenager and I was flipping through flex magazine that's all these ask for for protein powders and protein shakes and that's what I thought was like man well if I get big I'm sure these three or four shakes a day just chicken and all this stuff yeah and I was just overdoing it and that's not the key the reason being because your body can only absorb so much protein for the average person who's trying to gain mass you want to be in a target of between about point eight grams per pound of body weight up to about a gram and a half at the most so yeah a lot of times when you're getting too much protein it takes the place of other macronutrients like carbohydrates right so carbohydrates are the main source of energy for your workout number one yeah yeah so if you're not getting enough carbohydrates your workouts are going to suffer your glycogen levels are going to be depleted right you're going to be looking pretty flat yeah right carbohydrates are the number one source fats dietary fats the number two source for energy in your body protein can be used as an energy source in your body but it's kind of a last resort so if you don't have those there's proper that proper macronutrient ratio like he was talking about but that's going to be the mixer you're going to need in order to add muscle the right way without adding too much fat and making your workout suffer from cutting out the other macros right if you're getting too much protein and not enough fat it's actually going to hurt your games because you know you need fats have healthy testosterone levels right exactly all right so there's another common myth I hear all the time and it's Connor I need to be listing super heavy weights in order to gain size I don't think that's true lori handl moves out that joint yeah I mean I hear that all the time and that was actually kind of what I thought process I had probably four or five years ago and you seen the guys in the magazines especially the professional bodybuilders they're lifting crazy crazy heavyweights right there's a reason they can lift those crazy crazy heavyweights because they're professional bodybuilders and they're gigantic it's not necessary for some a guy like Han or a guy like myself to have to come in and whip three or four times your body weight because that's going to increase your risk of injury that's really not going to add any more muscle mass and you're going to lose your form and your mind muscle connection yeah you load up a bunch of weight on the bar you know you get under the bar and you're all hyped up you completely forget everything all right everything falls out so all that goes out the window and you're just worried about mine dying yeah so that's another myth that we wanted the buses you do not have to go too heavy you want to target rep ranges anywhere from eight to about fifteen reps if you're trying to add muscle you know any more reps than that that's really kind of endurance training it's not going to be so conducive to adding that the next thing I want to talk about a excuse that I hear a lot is that and I'm sure you've heard this me and my don't have the bone structure or my genetics or preventing me from building muscles so what do you think about that and I think all the time people confuse poor diet and training execution for bad genetics right so evolution so a lot of people call themselves hard gainers but it's simply the laws of thermodynamics right if you're eating in a surplus you're going to gain weight and then if your diet isn't in checking your trainings on check a lot of that weight is going to be muscled exactly it's a really common misconception that my genetics are not going to allow me and when in fact it's just like you said poor diet poor lifestyle choice is not working out hard and so to recap what we talked about the three common myths you don't need to be eating gigantic amounts of protein more than my agnostic you do not need to be lifting crazy heavy in order to gain muscle and you also do not have to have some amazing frame some gigantic frame you don't have to be super tall and look like after America like this guy here in order that muscle anybody can it's just a common myth and we just don't want you guys to fall into that pit and second-guess yourself so yeah guys I fell into all these myths when I was younger all right I thought.

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