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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Guarantees

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Guarantees

I have spent the last 10 years studying charismatic individuals and perhaps the most interesting thing that I found is across all of these different kinds of people there's really only five charismatic types and each of those types has a particular habit that they go back to that makes them charismatic so in this video I want to share with you exactly what those five things are because they're basically guaranteed to make you charismatic but I also want to share with you a pitfall associated with each because I said they're basically guaranteed if you have the pitfall rather than being charismatic you're just someone with a part of their personality that is blown out of proportion and can be obnoxious so the first type is the authentic type now obviously for this person honesty being real are going to be paramount and what's interesting about them is that if you're hanging out with an authentic type not every single moment is getting better and better and having you liked them more and more there's often this dip where they start a conflict that you were just gonna sweep under the rug or they go off on their own kind of odd sense of humor that you don't quite yet but the reason that we like this person is not because every moment is just wonderful it's because we learn to trust and respect their integrity we know that what they are saying is what they believe they are not trying to get us to like them they are not manipulating us they are being real and that creates a tremendous amount of desire to spend time with them because there's this fundamental sense of trust that usually isn't there now these sort of pitfall that you can fall into the with this type is that if you're just authentic and you throw everything else out you're just honestly yelling at people or honestly talking about things that you care about that nobody else does you want to have authenticity first in this type and then social graces as a close second there's a way to handle conflict that is both honest and tactful that's what you want to keep in mind the second type is the self-assured type this type is very high in conviction and of all the people that I've covered I don't think anyone exemplifies this better than Conor McGregor when Conor was up and coming before he was ranked in the UFC he had this massive groundswell of a following and a large portion was he was a flashy fighter but it was because I think of the way he talked he was so certain that things were going to go the way that he said they did they called him Mystic Mack a long time until reality seems to have caught up with him but that conviction was there never the less this type of person tends to be able to look you in the eye and just kind of shake your boobs because they're so certain of what they are saying they also tend to be big on visualization if you look at Arnold Schwarzenegger Conor McGregor they they will spend hours a day rehearsing things in their head so that they're certain it's going to go the way that they want it this type tends to lead large organizations but the issue is that they can sometimes miss opportunities for growth they can overlook weaknesses because they're so certain that their path is the right one and as leaders sometimes they can be bullies if you think of Steve Jobs incredibly incredibly high conviction but the people who worked with him would say he also had quite a temper and that was not something he was ever able to rectify that can be a massive pitfall for this type the third type is almost diametrically opposed to the high conviction it is the empathetic type this is the person who values above all connection now of everybody that I've done I think on the channel Oprah is the person she gets it at the big scale she gets it at the small scale she's able to go out and connect a large social movements right to do things that bring people together and make them want to be part of something bigger you might think of Elon Musk here you probably don't like the way that he speaks but he connects people with with something inside of them with that desire to travel to see the universe to expand the horizons of Humanity and were connected in that way to our childhood dreams but in the one-on-one scenario if you look at Oprah she's able to sit down and not just connect with an individual not just hold eye contact and invite them to speak she's able to connect them with parts of themselves that they might not have shared with anyone and you feel almost whole when you're around this person they tend to be very non-judgmental they tend not to speak as much as the other types they're more introverted sometimes and more likely to ask questions and listen than to just tell you a story the issue and the pitfall for this type is it's very easy to overlook them if they don't have any of the other types going along with it Oprah luckily has the fourth type as well but you can imagine someone who's really good at connecting but is quiet in a party or group setting is just not going to get noticed so you need something to add to this in order to really make it work at scale and that to the fourth type you get three and four you have Oprah Winfrey this is the energetic type who is huge on enthusiasm you think of someone who walks into a room and they are just so positive so optimistic.

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