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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Historical

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Historical

Hey there guys this is the lookie in in Knoxville Tennessee every year the Knoxville heritage I guess organization whatever they are they put out their fragile 15 don't ask me what good it does it really doesn't do any good at all they just kind of get people's hopes up that they're actually going to do something with these uh abandoned properties and they never do just let them go to waste but I mean he is what he is but anyway the lucky in was posted on it in 2022 over the years it has been many different names it's called a Holiday Inn family ends of America I think it's called and the lot has happened at the end really it was used as a as a restaurant they used it as game day football games you could rent rent motels and use it as a football game I guess mandiant whatever you know and kinda interesting history a lot of people had their stuff stolen there from what I could get from the local newspapers I found in the paper city milling permeate has been issued for 24 additional units at the holiday and the construction is expected to cost fifty five thousand dollars city building inspector Leonard Dowell said the new units will be situated in six Freetown prefabricated buildings with four units each on the east side of the present structure they will be separate from the present 105 units if you watch the video coming up you can see that there's buildings on the right that are bought itself I would assume that that is a new newest addition to it and in 1981 there's a newspaper clipping I was able to find items worth fifty thousand dollars stolen said they stole 422 sheets 230 for pillowcases 132 pals 144 hand towels 600 washcloths 216 bath mats 62 blankets hun 28 mattress pads 12 pillows they said the Holiday Inn officials estimated the total loss at $50,000 please said items were taken from an unmarked room on the east side of the building after a padlock was cut from the door police had a room marked linens one floor above the burglarized bit room was not touched security guard told police he made his regular rounds during meet not did not see anything unusual unusual which is kinda strange maybe is an inside job or maybe it was a Insurance Scheme who knows nevertheless pretty interesting and here's another one the three for the house cats jazz blues trio the house cats will perform at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the quality and East Nashville highway there is no cover charge like I said the motel was used for all kinds of stuff music events I think it was Women's Business Council or some crap like that and I think they might have even held stuff for the college and they used it for football you could host your own football parties there it must have been a really happening place at a restaurant poppers so it must have been a really happening place at one time just makes you wonder how these abandoned buildings just go to waste it's probably where it's located in a really bad area because I found a lot of newspaper ads where people got their stuff stolen got the car stolen got the radar detector stolen and obviously there was a break-in whether or not it was an inside job but next is the urban exploration of the abandoned Motel on Nashville highway there you go enjoy it be sure to LIKE and subscribe for more similar videos in the future gimmick beaches get heart charlie diligently Elizabeth picture maybe look at the term real I can't believe you got inside it way over there what was inside of it wonder why they never stole the air conditioners to step off of it it's you James 1:13 going the other side of this side of Eden it's blocked off anyway yeah Music oh it is goes way beyond Music so I guess this is all no motel no lady struggling another television he s swimming pool maybe both and we're out.

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