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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Imposed

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Imposed

Said a lot about the role of the media in a so-called down democracy I'm wondering how you see the role of our educational system what it's doing right now what forces are driving it and what constraints are on it and how should it operate well I quoted the trilateral commission view of the educational system namely it's a system of indoctrination of the young and I think that's correct it's a system of indoctrination of the young that was the way the liberal elites regarded and they're more or less accurate so the educational system is supposed to train people to be obedient conformist not think too much which told stay passive don't cause any crisis a democracy don't raise any questions and so on that's basically what the what the system is about even the fact that the system has a lot of stupidity in it I think has a function you know it means that people are filtered out for obedience if you can guarantee lots of stupidity in the educational system you know like stupid assignments and things like that you know that the only people who make it through are people like me and like most of you I guess who are willing to do it no matter how stupid it is because we'll we want to go to the next step you know so you may know that this assignment is idiotic and the guy up there couldn't think his way out of a paper bag but you'll do it anyway because that's the way you get to the VIX class and you want to make it and so on and so forth well there are people who don't do that you know there are people who say I'm not going to do is too ridiculous you know those people are called behavioral problems or something like that they end up in the principal's office or in the streets or selling drugs or whatever and all of this is a technique for selection for obedience and I have I don't have to prove this but I have a feeling that when you go to the elite universities you find more obedience and conformity probably because you're getting the students who were better able to do it you know well all of that is functional that's the way it works but it and it works right through graduate school I mean if you Derek but how do you get the graduate school it's already a little more because some real contradictions develop in the system the problem is that you can't have progress this way you know now especially in the sciences and engineering that's a problem because the corporation's need science and engineering you know if you don't have innovation you're really in trouble so they have to encourage creativity and independence because you can't get anywhere if you just copy what somebody told you you have to be challenging things all the time challenging everything you know thinking new thoughts and so on and there you got a real contradiction it's hard to train people to be creative and challenging and so on and yet to ensure that somewhere else in their lives they're conformist and obedient and everything so you have problems that's a serious problem in Japan incidentally we think of Japan as this tremendous superpower but that's very misleading Japan for example it's very poor in science for example and they're aware of it and part of the reason is it such as part of it it's part of the same thing that makes them good workers obedient workers it's a very obedient Society very deferential and conformist Society and one effect of that is that you you know there are real constraints against independent fries and thinking and you see it in the sciences very clearly the but it's a problem here too so there are those contradictions when you get to graduate school they're beginning to show up they show up much less in the ideological subjects because there it doesn't matter so much if people have you know there isn't the profits aren't made by historians having original ideas about the French Revolution so they can have conventional ideas and that means that the the pressure to try to support innovation and freedom is much less and the professor the pressures for conformity on the other hand are much greater because in the ideological subjects it begins to be dangerous if people think the wrong thoughts it's not so dangerous if they have new ideas about physics so so you but nevertheless you know you begin to get a little flux in the system by the time you get to graduate school and even at lower levels you find it I mean there's you know there are teachers who do stimulate thought and sometimes they get away with it and all the way through you know if people are learning things you just you just can't control you can't make them just regurgitate what they heard now there's a lot of pressure to turn the schools into the Marine Corps and there's a lot of support for it for example there's this bestseller last couple of years by Alan bloom that was all over the supermarkets closing of the American mind yeah whichever you know huge bestseller supermarket racks which is where I read it and things like that well you take a look at what he's saying it was plenty you know a lot of enthusiastic accolades for it and so on he was saying that a couple of smart guys will decide what the great thoughts are and every student will memorize them and that's education okay well you know I mean that's a way to turn people into pure automata I mean even if they happen to pick the great thoughts there is no way less likely to get anybody to think.

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