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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Individuals

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Individuals

If you need more time to file your w-2 or 1099 forms you can e-file a form at 8:09 in just a few minutes from Express tax filings calm the form eight eight zero nine provides an extension for w-2 forms and any 1099 form you get 30 days of extension automatically and if needed you can also file a second non automatic extension for an additional 30 days please note that you can only file the first automatic extension with the IRS the non automatic additional extension must be paper filed and a reason must be given if an additional extension is requested both of these forms can be created with Express tax filings com after logging into your account you will be brought to the dashboard from the dashboard you can click form eight eight zero nine on the right under start new forms on the first page you can view a chart to let you know when your due date is depending on the type of form you need to file an extension for and click Next to move forward on the first page you will need to select a payer that you're filing for this can be a payer that you've already entered or you can add new information on this page you will need to enter a name an EIN number a phone number and an address and at the bottom of the page you will need to select the forms that you need to extend once this is complete you can move forward by clicking next at the bottom right on the next page you will be asked if you have already filed an extension for this form and if you have and you need to file the additional non-automatic extension and you can select the checkbox on this page you will then see a summary page where you can view the forms that you're going to file if you need to change any information you can click the edit icon in the action column or you can delete it if you have more forms you need to file you can click the button that says add another extension to add a new one not if everything is correct and you're ready to move forward you can click continue to checkout at the bottom right on the order details page you can select the returns that you're filing for and on the right you will see a grand total for your order to move forward click continue if you have not already added a credit card to the system you can do that now and after your credit card has been entered you can click the pay and submit button at the bottom to electronically submit this to the IRS and Social Security Administration after filing you will see a notice that says orders received successfully and you will have the option of printing the form directly from here once your return has been accepted we will notify you via email and of course you can always go back to the dashboard page to view the status of all your returns if you have any questions you can contact our support team from our headquarters in Rock Hill South Carolina at seven zero four eight three nine two two seven zero or send us an email at support at Express tax filings com.

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