Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Liability

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Liability

Music how to sign your signature without liability an overview Big Brothers master plan to subjugate the entire human race is utterly dependent on people continuing to volunteer for and finance their own enslavement without such large easy from the public the chosen masters face certain calamity and exposure for their crimes heretofore system operatives have been overwhelmingly successful at duping unwitting victims into volunteering for virtually every kind of financial Hill imaginable and make no mistakes it is purely voluntary the system is working exactly as it is designed to do and the chroniclers of chaos proudly trumpet their statistics as they inch forward in their dreams of total world domination it is no coincidence that the introduction and popularity of the real estate board game Monopoly parallels the history of the money changes financial conquest of America culminating with its copyright by Parker Brothers in 1935 the same time that we were converted over from a substance gold-backed currency to a belief credit back currency on the 31st of December 1935 the board game Monopoly was patented although the patent for the game was awarded to Charles B Darrin a Philadelphia heating salesman who had lost his job during the Great Depression it's now widely recognized that Darrow was just one of many people who led to the development of the complex design and rules that we now know as monopolies as early as 1902 an Illinois born writer and engineer called Lizzie magie created a board game that she referred to as the landlord's game on which bore striking similarities to the later Monopoly she painted to this game in 1904 and approached Parker Brothers with the idea in around 1910 although that board game manufacturer declined to publish it herself produced copies became popular with Quakers University students and members of the public who supported George's economics Meiji by now married and with the new name Phillips repainted an updated version of the game in 1924 when she was again turned down by Parker Brothers however the updated version spread widely through word-of-mouth and Charles Darrow's wife eventually learned about it Darrow began to copy and distribute his own version of the game and in October 1934 was himself rejected by Parker Brothers who found his game too complicated too technical and that it took too long to play however successful Christmas sales of Darrow's game led parker brothers to reverse their decision and bought the game from Darrow in March 1935 before the end of the year they learned that he was not the sole inventor but they pressed ahead with the purchase and helped him to secure a patent while they bought up the patents to similar games including the landlord's game to ensure that they a definitive ownership of the whole idea the games logo even confesses the caricature of a white mustachioed English banker complete with top hat tails and cane the objective in the board game of Monopoly is to drive into bankruptcy all other players an arrangement otherwise known as Tontine wagering scheme and so it is in real life if you examine the nature of economics in America today you will see that everyone is competing for the same rationed amount of monopoly money called Federal Reserve notes and attempting to stay above water and avoid bankruptcy this is by definition a de facto state of war between participants in both the board game and the game of life the only way to stay in the game of Monopoly and avoid bankruptcy is to obtain more monopoly money from other players the only way to stay in the game of life and avoid bankruptcy is to somehow obtain more Federal Reserve notes from the other players around you and both the outcome is inevitable the longest-running game of Monopoly lasted seventy days but still ended the same way as all others before and since but one player acquiring all the wealth and all the other players bankrupt unfortunately there can be no other final conclusion in the Federal Reserve no game of life either no matter how long you stretch it out unless of course you simply stop volunteering to play the game volunteering the most devastating form of volunteering occurs when someone promises and people do this unflinchingly every single day to be responsible for and pay the depths of another party believe it or not this is our every unwary soul is sealed is faith the trade name gained in other words that which the content of this book is dedicated to exposing untangling and rectifying has an evil twin that works in concert with it as you will discover toward the end of this article the legal masters of the world or factually imminently aware of the distinction between your true name and the trade name and have come up with an incredibly ingenious device for exploiting the difference without tipping their hand the reason that every complaint unfailingly cites the defendants respondents name in all capital letters the reason the name on every license is said in all capital letters the reason the name on every Social Security card has been converted from English as originally written on the application and to legalese the reason that all banks insist on listing all accounts not in the true name of the already walks in and fills out the forms but in the artificial trade name associated therewith is the same to conduct business with you via an unknown invisible corporately colored artificial person that is subject to all statutory regulation and therefore under their complete control and power the same applies equally when either of the two names is called out verbally remember differently constructed names comprise distinct items of property however similar filing a UCC financing statement is the first step in releasing yourself from these bonds the second is cessation of volunteering to be responsible for the trade aims obligation by signing on.

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