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Hey guys welcome to the very first edition in my new series a curvy girl sews so I want to explore sewing for the curvy girl because it's a little bit different than sewing if you don't have any extra curves and it isn't even a matter of whether you are overweight or not you can be at your ideal weight and if you are a busty gal then a pattern straight out of the package is not going to fit you without some adjustments now I want to proceed by saying I am the furthest thing from an expert at sewing that you can find I mean I'm either an advanced beginner or an intermediate maybe intermediate I don't know I mean now that I put in that perfect invisible zipper on my Adele dress I'm feeling a little bit smug so maybe I've upped myself to intermediate I know how to do buttonholes and all that stuff but still changing a pattern in its flat form is a bit of an art and there's a lot of different ways to do that so I want to explore that now the first pattern that I'm going to be talking about I didn't do a whole lot of changes to so this is what I'm wearing this is simplicity to 1 4 7 I made view a which is supposed to be a mini dress there's going to be video at the end of the video on what it looks like on me i hemmed it I put in a two inch hem a good solid that's more like 3 inches him and so that I can wear it with pants and in the winter skinny jeans with knee-high boots and a cardigan because the fabric I used is one that we carry in Mayfield fabric and it is a Robert Kaufman fabric it is made in Japan and it is the Kyoto rayon your you in black now your you is a type of very fine gauze so this fabric is I mean would probably be the most comfortable fabric that you've ever worn it's you almost can't even tell that you're wearing anything it is so light and so comfortable it was not okay I want to say it was not difficult to sew with and the reason why I think it was not difficult to sew with is because it's very malleable it's not like a quilting cotton where it just everything stays together in it it just irons well this does iron well but it's not like that but if you have to do some easing or some gathering it will just obediently do that because it is so malleable you can make it do essentially whatever you want that being said I am not experienced enough to do anything much more complicated than this this has a little yoke on it these two pieces kind of cross over and then there's some gathers right here and or they're really not gathers they're tucks and there's a tuck right here and it has the same thing in the back it doesn't have a cross yoke it just has a straight you know a yoke and then there's pleats along the back too so this was a fun and easy make I sewed a size I should have checked i soda size 18 because i am not broad shoulder and i'm and this is something as a curvy girl you need to understand your body just because I weigh a lot doesn't mean that I am a giant person all over my body I am really pretty narrow from here from armpit to armpit which is essentially your high bus and you can see that this fits me there's no constricting or anything and I'm I don't even know that I grade it out it does not look like I grade it out at all why didn't I grade out I'm not a size 18 on the bottom in simplicity patterns Nene I wish but this is a fuller pattern the design of it is fuller now is it that full on me it's not super full but there's enough wearing ease for this top to not cling to any of my lumps and bumps so what I want to say in my very first a curvy girl soz series is take your measurements especially if it's any kind of a topper dress anything that's going to have a bodice take your high bust measurement that is the size that you are going to want to so because the shoulders are the most complex thing to grade up and then you have to be careful with your arm size and everything so make the top to fit up here then grayed out everywhere else now because of the smocking I did not do a full bust adjustment on this if this top had not had these pleats on it I would have had to do a full bust adjustment probably but doing a full bust adjustment is here than changing all of the shoulders and the arm side and everything so keep that in mind then once you have that all cut out then take your measurements as you go down your body keeping especially in mind your largest and your smallest measurements you don't want to have your largest measurement beyond your smallest measurement that's not necessary that's just gonna make you look like you're wearing a tent now sometimes we do want a big blousey thing and if that's what you're making knock yourself out make that but if you want it to be more fitted if the pattern is a more fitted style you may be an 18 here and you may be a 20 at your waist and you may be a 22 at your hips don't be afraid to take those measurements and then compare them to the measurements on the.

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