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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Matures

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Matures

Music hello everyone I am doing a new kind of video from me it's a makeup get ready with me over the last year or so a number of you have asked me how I do my powder foundation when I have dry skin and you wanted me to do a video showing it so I thought that's actually a really good question because we do hear over and over if you're over 50 and especially if you have dry skin you should not you should not use powder foundation but actually it works better for me and my dry skin but I do do a lot of preparation in advance to make it work for me I have never been even when I was younger a foundation where are a liquid or cream foundation they just didn't look natural on my skin partly because I do have peach fuzz but even still I just didn't like the way it look it looked more like a mask on me and then once I had the dry skin once I went through menopause it really I just I just don't know how to work I've tried to work with it the other thing is when a product is liquid or cream based it more easily absorbs into the skin and I try not to I don't want makeup being absorbed into my skin very much because even though I'm trying to use the most natural and organic I can find none of them are food and ideally we should only put on our skin what we eat that's the ideal it's not what I do because obviously cosmetics are not food but and I do want to keep wearing cosmetics but I'm trying to do it in the most healthy possible way and therefore lip color is absorbed well definitely because we eat it too when we live our lips or we eat a meal but anything wet and especially if you warm it with warm water they say we absorb it into our skin more easily so that's the other reason why I prefer powder makeup and then I make sure my moisturizers are organic so this video is going to tell you what I do to prep my skin and also show you how I apply the foundation and the powder blush because I do actually have a map that I use that I found works best for me if that interests you and you'd like to see how I do my makeup keep watching so this is me no makeup on I washed my face this morning with salt scrub made out of organic coconut oil and Himalayan salt and then I removed it with a warm washcloth and warm water then I splashed my face with cold water blotted it dry and I applied a moisturizer all over my face and shea butter just under my eyes here and eyebrow bone here and then on my lips I'm going to be using powder foundation powder blush mascara and a lip color today this is a basic makeup look for me and often I just change around with my lipsticks doing light or bright or darker or bolder so I thought it'd be fun to show you that look today the powder foundation I'm going to use is 5 zuzia I've been using this for 6 months 8 months for quite a while and I really like it I do mix two colors together I'm using D 7 and D 24 now the D 7 I need to mix two together because my skin is yellow toned and it's light but I haven't ever been able to find in any makeup really a color that is warm enough and you know the right shade so I like to mix I'm happy with the darker one this lighter one doesn't have quite a much quite as much yellow as I need but I've been making it work more or less I don't try to completely match my face to my neck my face is I have dark spots and discoloration that makes it overall kind of look darker than my neck and chest but it's naturally that way now so I don't worry about it I am half the week I don't even wear makeup but what I like to do is try to at least somewhat even it out and that's what I use powder foundation for but I do have to prep with all of that exfoliating first with the coconut oil scrub then the moisturizer and the shea butter and that's what helps me really use the powder foundation without my skin looking dry so I'm gonna start with this I use this brush this is by who is this by their minerals I've been using this brush for probably 10 years more I don't know but I really like this brush I have it and I have two of them one I use to blend and this one I use for foundation so I just dip it in both the the pans and then just go over my face the reason I'm patting it in is I noticed that when I swept powder on and years ago it used to sort of run on earth any dry areas that I didn't exfoliate so pushing it in it keeps the dry areas intact so that you can't see them because there's moisturizer and it seems to blend it into my skin better I do my powder that way I mean my blush that way also another thing I try to keep the powder away from the area directly under my eyes because that's where my wrinkles are my smile lines and I found that powder emphasizes those wrinkles however I do need to put a bit of powder sort of part way up like here because that's where I put blush so I do need.

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