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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Navigation

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Navigation

Hello everyone and welcome to programming in Access 2022 the Advanced Course my name is Steve Bishop and in today's video we're gonna be talking about adding navigation controls and navigation controls on their surface look very similar to tab controls but as we'll see there are some very important differences between navigation controls and tab controls so let's go ahead and hop out here and take a look at our database and here is our form one where we put together those tabs that tab control and we're gonna follow the same type of look to our navigation control we're gonna put three buttons across the top here and we're gonna display different forms different data below each one of these tabs based upon what the user has selected so let's go ahead and click on create' and go to form design and I'm gonna go ahead and click on the navigation control button here under the design tab and I'm gonna draw the size of the box of the control as big as I want it and when I let go you'll see that there's this extra box that pops up down below here well that's not really what we wanted right we were expecting everything to be inside of the area that I drew too so what I'm gonna do instead here just to show you is I'm gonna actually just click on the navigation control and if you click in the upper left hand corner of where you want the navigation control to start at it will automatically populate as the at the Kratt the size it's got a default size that it opens up at so what's going on here why are there the ways there's this extra space below the navigation control well that's because the navigation control actually is comprised of three different components there's what is actually called the navigation control you can see I have selected here something called the a selection type of navigation control and it's called navigation control seven inside of the navigation control there are navigation buttons and there these navigation buttons are going to go across the top here then below it here there's a navigation subform and you can see the selection type is a subform or sub report and that is very similar to what we had here with our tabs if you think about it we have our special tab orders which is actually the entire control then inside of it we have each separate individual tab or what they call pages and then on each one of the page there was a subform control so navigation control really does all of that for us with one simple little click you don't need to do the subform drawing you don't need to do you know you know additions of buttons and stuff it's kind of already gives you a pre given out layout to the navigation control so let's go ahead and add our navigation buttons across the top here let's do active orders active oders active orders there we go then we have inventory to read order and then we finally have customer orders okay now these buttons don't resize to fit the text so what you need to do is there's these little handles on the side of the buttons then when you hover the mouse over them they really bring up this double arrow so you can resize you know make the buttons wider if you just double click on it it will automatically resize the button to fit the text so we'll do that for all three of those okay let's go ahead and rename these buttons here too so I'm gonna call this nav button active orders and then in Detroit or reorder is going to be nav button inventory to reorder and then for customer orders let's go ahead and name this nav button customer orders while I'm at it let me go ahead and name the navigation control we'll call it nav orders and now let's go ahead and let's go to active orders here and click the now we've got the subform object underneath the active orders and it's called navigation subform let me go ahead and call this sub active orders and now let me go to inventory to reorder and click on the subform here and well wait a minute it's already named sub active orders it's named the same thing as what I named it here so what's going on here well the sub form is actually just one form each one of these three different tabs will reuse this sub form underneath it so there's no need like with what we had here to add a separate sub form for each tab instead with the navigation control you only need the one sub form and it will actually replace the source object that fills in this sub form with the appropriate form based upon what you click on up here in the tabs so our active orders sub form we don't really need to name it this because it's just one sub form that's going to be used for each one of our buttons so let's call this sub porter's okay so now you can see an entry to reorder name is called sub orders customer orders if I click on the subform below it sub orders so the same sub form object is being used regardless of which button you have selected now what you need to do is you need to associate with the button which form object should appear down below here in the subform and the way you do that is you click on the button you click on the data tab over here and you'll see that there is a property in here called navigation target name and you can click on the drop down here and select which form you want to appear in.

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