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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Optional

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Optional

Well I only found one video of disassembling of one-way g300 and it was from a Spanish guy well the camera was really bad it was worse than mine I know so as I broke my screen I ordered a new one on ebay for something like 20 euros now I'll try to disassemble the Huawei j300 and try to replace with the new screen I hope this works good I have other kids here that came with the screen the new screen I took everything off so let's start well I'll pick this let's take off these four screws this one this one this one and this one this will take off the wings I think let's start oops wrong wrong one it's this one let's take it off place them all here well this one was the warranty one so you know voided warranty from now well it doesn't want to came out let it out one more and the last one from the top well all the four screws out I think the wings may pop out maybe I pull here yes as you can see the wings come out well they are pretty stuck well they're out as you can see well lots of dust here now the top wing let's use the key I have somewhere this should be good I'll have to take this off maybe with this yep without you have to pull it up and then back as you saw I'll show you in this one you see up up and back well pretty stuck to well now you have to pull it in the direction of top yes pull it up and it will go out very well one more out two wings off now we have to take four more screws they are this one this one this one and this one let's start well by the way I want to you to remember that these aren't regular screws they are a kind of special I can show you on the camera I think well they aren't to start or nothing they are something weird that Huawei did so just use the the tool that came with the screen and yeah I don't know I don't know the name of this door my english isn't really really good you need to practice one Murat well they are all four screws off now I think I can pull this up and it will get let's try yep you have a kind of a security here you have to pull this thing up so you can take this part off pull this side and this side they are too well this isn't that easy it's pretty hard well oops almost took this one some something is pulling it down I don't know what I have to see something over here like this still being pulled back east at it it is out made it well now here on the back on the bottom of the phone you have to do something to take this off well pull it to the bottom and with it will go out easily well this part is done now what we have to do we already have our back cover over here as you can see well here we have it it's our ascend now I have to see what I will do here well took like that first let's put it aside or I will risk the screen well continuing I will well I didn't took the memory card off of course I gotta take that off it is my 16 gigs put this aside well now what we have to do is take something like a small thing that I think is wait let me see here see we have to put these these flex-based somewhere it's a small 4x so is this one well these flex over here you can see it you have to put up and which will come out easily I think well here it is it went off easily it's off and you have to take also this one and this one because they are attached to the front so let's take it off they're off one more a little press and they come out well the these three guys are out now let's take the front the front have a little pieces of plastic over here over here over here and over here that stuck it into the the motherboard well let's take it off well first we want to take off the battery cable or it may damage it well he isn't coming out what will we do over here let's see I think that now is the part when you have to almost melt the screen so this can come off oh I forgot these we got two screws over here these two guys have to come out that's what was falling sorry guys not experienced and these are star screws I think it started to say I don't know Portuguese it is well this should come off one left they are not - they are three here it is coming off all the way well you have to take this cable yep here it is it's coming off let's use this to press it here well it's coming up now easy on top let's see if I have any screws to take off mmm no screws I think maybe it is just struggled in here well the top isn't coming out I don't know why or altrech ticked well maybe lifting these I'll do this pressed first where with you in the middle oh okay there is one flex left this one from the flash I think it should come out or not I know I don't want to this no let's keep it well here it is well I'm discovering one more flex here take it off it also has to I think well.

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