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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Participating

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Participating

Welcome the real news I'm Marc Steiner great to have you all with us approximately 22% of the nine million Israeli citizens are non-jews the majority of those are Palestinians they do have representation in the Israeli Parliament the Knesset but that representation has come under increasing pressure from Israeli leaders when they were reprimanded one member and worked to Salma's policy any members of Knesset another event to the fracturing of the United Front of Palestinian Israelis they have with one another and their Jewish allies why fracturing well we'll talk about that on the one hand Palestinian citizens of Israel used Knesset to fight against institutional racism and discrimination on the other hand the Israeli government uses the fact that Palestinians sit in the Knesset to prove that non-jews have the right to vote and that Israel is truly a democratic country in 2022 Israel increase the minimum percentage for a party to hold seats in the Knesset to three point two five percent of the vote now that political maneuver forced the three so-called Arab parties to join forces creating a united front in essence called the joint list joint list is comprised of three very different parties the left-wing progressive party Kadosh the National Palestinian ballot party and the Islamic rahab party which itself was unified with tile on the leadership of ahmed tibi so the chairman of the joint lists Knesset member I'm an Odom spoke to his Raley television just three weeks ago and had this to say regarding the joint list I am hoping that we will stay united including our Madiba we want him we want all the components why we believe it is a very important party the third in size in the first time in history 13 seats by the way the polls say that we will not just get 13 but that for the first time will be a second biggest party not the third in the Knesset if prior to the law of the nation there was an added value to our unity then certainly after the law of the nation this is so important to run together we need political unity from all sides and I will call upon them and we will sit and negotiate and I hope with stated one of the three parties comprising this joint list raah arm towel as I said under the leadership of ahmed tibi decided to split off from a joint list and run on its own so one really has to ask the question that given the dramatic rise of the ever more extreme right in Israeli politics is this the right time for parties that stand to the left and that are engaged in the fight for minority rights to really split well we're now joined by Israeli Knesset member delwyn.ian Lind of Haneen is a fascinating political figure in Israeli politics it's a lawyer of environmental activists he studied the laws I said has PhD in political science from Tel Aviv University a postdoc work at Oxford University on relationship between social environmental movements and questions and he joined the ha - party in Israel which then became part of the joint list he's now served 13 years as a member of the Knesset and although he was constantly in the opposition he amazingly enough pass more laws than any other any other member of the Knesset how do you do that we're gonna find out I mean is the only Jewish member who is part of the joint list and he recently announced that he will retire from the Parliament but in that not participate in these elections coming up as and as a candidate but will continue his work as an activist and welcome good to have you with us hello good evening so let's just jump into this I'm curious about a couple of things I mean the the - party explained to our viewers a bit about who they are - party is on the Left where they come from how they've been doing this fight in the in the Knesset and and why you're the only Jewish member what that means well actually - is a movement that is based on three basic principles the first principle is socialist values the second principle is our struggle to achieve a just and comprehensive peace between Israel and the Palestinians between Israel and the Arab world we would like to see this peace being achieved on the basis of two states with the four of June's in 1967 a boulder is the border between these two states and third very important principle of kadosh is our belief in a joint Jewish Arab political movement joined Jewish Arab a political struggle and I joined her - because I you know support these three very important principles but as you said back in 2022 when the right-wing government raised the electoral threshold the number of votes needed in order to enter Israeli Knesset a our movement - was forced to join forces with other political movements all parties based on the Arab population in order to stay alive you know so the real reason why the joint list was created was not in a way a gradual and apportionment between the various parties but actually the political need of all these movements all these parties to stay alive with the new and higher a electoral system so what is it about her - with the joint list where at least one member or the has to be a Jewish member that if that's very conscious decision on the part of her - well in her - we have a internal democratic elections I was elected in secret ballot all the times but we would like our movement to be a Jewish Arab a movement and therefore we would like also our faction in the Knesset to be Jewish Arab we have four Knesset members.

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