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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Prepaid

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Prepaid

Hey what's going on guys vital Brad here and it's Monday welcome to a fresh new week we're sitting at the 28th so just a couple days left in the month hope everyone's doing well finish strong hang in there now the CBI dot IQ website there's the same boolean article that we've seen before or it has the chart that's talking about Tuesday but there is also a new one says your customer ID form for prepaid cards to all licensed bank and all authorized electronic payment companies you click on it's got a little letter here from the central bank of Iraq but then you look down here kyc for prepaid card and then it's got a form you can fill out you need pay MasterCard Visa this is shown on the CBI dot IQ website that they're getting their prepaid cards I've always heard that the money would be loaded onto a a card for them internally well here's those cards let me know if anyone's got any update on this if they've seen this before this is fresh this is recycled got some good news right there now Reuters says Iraq must move away from economic reliance on Iran British official so Iraq must wean itself off economic reliance on Iran and become more energy self-sufficient britain's Foreign Office Minister for the Middle East said on Sunday Alistair Bert visited Iraq after a flurry of high-profile diplomacy in Baghdad this month that followed US President Donald Trump surprise announcement he was polling American troops out of Syria US allies worried the withdrawal even if it proceeds more slowly than initially planned will embolden Iran whose influence has grown in Iraq and Syria in recent years Washington hopes to counter Iranian influence through renewed sanctions and has pressured Iraq to halt imports of Iranian gas to expect Iran to have no influence in Iraq is fanciful Berg said in an interview with Reuters a British Embassy in Baghdad what is important is that Iraq finds the opportunity to follow its own future in terms of foreign relations and that if the economy is strong and isn't reliant on Iran Burt said Iraq must convert oil resources to become more self-sufficient the sooner all of its oil wealth can come on stream and capture the energy that is sometimes not used as efficiently as possible the better he said Iraq's oil exports capacity is nearly 5 million barrels per day although it is pumping below capacity in in line with an OPEC agreement to reduce production to stabilize prices Washington hopes it can reduce its gas flaring satisfy domestic energy needs and rely less on Iranian power imports Burke said there were ideas for more power projects with Iraq without Arab elaborating oh he's given little teasers a us-iran tensions mount he doubted that a military escalation between the United States and Iran in Iraq or Syria was imminent but warned of confrontation which might occur should there be a miscalculation tension has wrapped up between Washington's chief regional ally Israel and Iran and its allies in Syria and Iraq and recent weeks Israel struck what it said were Iranian targets near Damascus on Monday in an increasingly open assault on Iran's presence there Burke said Britain remain concerned that the threat from Islamic state in the region especially after the u.s. decision to withdraw troops and that London would continue to support Baghdad's effort against remaining is militants who have stepped up insurgent style attacks in Iraq things are brewing over their ap Iraq militia leader wants US troops to leave so the leader of militia Shiite group a saab al haq al haq or league of the righteous speaks during an interview with The Associated Press of Baghdad on Monday he said that he expects a vote by Iraqi parliament calling for the withdrawal of US troops from the country within the next few months so there's no longer a justification for thousands of US troops in the country after a longing state group has been defeated now Kurdish protesters sack Turkish based in northern Iraq so there's some protesting going on Turkish forces have been in Kurdish northern Iraq since the 1990s but they're present has mostly not impacted civilian life so you've got a bunch of Turkish riot police securing the area hundreds of protestors entered Turkish military base in northern Iraq skirt region on Saturday setting fire to facilities and vehicles after Turkish airstrikes killed civilians protesters began at the March led by women in black with signs condemning airstrikes that killed at least six civilians this week reported that families of the six victims airstrikes had led the protest two men were reported killed on January 23rd while tending bees one of them had served as a Kurdish Peshmerga fighting Isis turkey had at least eleven military bases and outposts in northern Iraq which and car search necessarily to fight the Kurdistan Workers Party with tensions rising in northern Syria between Turkey and the YPG and Syria as the u.s. withdraws the protests in northern Iraq formed part of a larger series of tensions between Turkey and Kurds in Syria and Iraq guys getting heated anyway hey just want to remind you that all include my Amazon page I've been able to include not only books that you need to read for 2022 but also I'm doing this diet called Tito you may have seen the video I posted and there's a lot of Quito must-haves but this diets work and I'm feeling really good battle I got a ways to go I'm only three weeks into it but you know my goal is to just lean up we got some chess to lose still Yunos leaned out and it's working so my brain clarity my focus my energy seems to be up right here this right here is called vital Reds this is 34 super fruits it's all the polyphenols.

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