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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Preparation

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Preparation

Hi you guys welcome to another episode of girl you always doing something I am back with another easy sewing tutorial we're going to work on a vogue pattern it's VOC 8815 that says very easy again it's not a lot of vogue sewing tutorials on YouTube so I figured what can have some fun and do some sewing tutorials we're going to concentrate one letter C with the long sleeve peplum top again remember always check your size look at the back of the envelope it tells you a kind of fabric to use different notions if you need zipper and all that so make sure you read the back of it I'm not going to go into all the directions inside the pattern again this is for the person who has sewn a garment before but struggles a little bit with trying to put the construction of the garment together and maybe you need a little walkthrough a little guidance as they do it so different things I do want to highlight one the instructions I will show you different things I think you need to know but again just read it and follow along is pretty simple and we should be okay okay so we're concentrating on C different things I want you to notice right here is telling you for tops a B and C you just kind of want to point out which ones you're going to cut out it shows you pictures of the pattern tissue how we should look once it's cut out remember to cut out your notches follow a green line etc again it gives you the fabric cut out layouts it gives you a lot of good information if you cut on the right side of pattern wrong side right side of the fabric long side of the fabric read this if you get confused with different words that they maybe stay in throughout the UM instructions just look at that as an inclination of what you should do another thing that I like and I want you to realize and kind of point out to you is the glossary if you see words that you've never seen before east itch narrow hem slip stitch extra it gives you exactly how to do it it gives you the measurements of how you should do certain things so I think this is a really good guideline so if you see a word that you've never seen before you don't know what that means all right let's get into the actual sewing tutorial okay since we're going to do see these are the pieces we need to cut out we need to cut out three four seven and eight all right whenever you see the little green shaded area remember that means the wrong side of the pattern again if you don't know what they mean you can always go back and look at the directions alright so I already cut my pieces out so cut your pieces out remember follow the grain lines and the notches we're gonna need that throughout the garment construction process notice how I laid it out you have your fold line so make sure you follow the instructions on the pattern and again this is for our bowls of 8815 hot pepper shirt okay we're going to work on garment three what we're going to do is put our darts in so it says cut one unfold you should have already done that that means it should be one piece together you see this dart right here here's my tracing paper take your tracing a little trace that dart and remember to cut out you're not just so the first thing we're going to do is sew down our dart and it should be two darts because once you open it up as a dart on each side okay we'll do that after we sew down our dart we'll press it real nice so it could be nice and crisp and then we'll move once in the next piece alright so transfer your markings okay so now we're going to fold our dart you're just going to pinch that up put a pin there and match these lines up and a pin right at the end so from the highest point you don't back stitch and go all the way down for your door leave your toes hanging in so you can cut them off tie it in a knot I like the time I'm in tonight and I'll show you when I get to that point so again you have darts on two sides one side two sides so everything you're doing this side you under the same thing on that side so I'll show you guys how it looks at their pennant since I'm filming myself today it's going to be too hard for me to try to hold the camera and do it at the same time so we'll do it in steps that way and you can still look at the video and make sure your stuff looks like mine okay.

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