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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Pros

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Pros

A what is going on guys to hear from ma G&J today coming with another home gadget review and this one is called the pin genie smart lock they have recently renamed this product it is called lochley smart lock but it's exactly the same product so it is $1.99 for the blue 2 version if you guys want it with a fingerprint scanner as well then that one is about 249 dollars of course all the links have been provided below so that you guys can check them out and determine if the fingerprint is really worth it or not in my personal opinion I think it is because having the fingerprint makes it a whole lot easier to unlock your home so anyways guys if you can see here from the front side it is a very nice design and looks very futuristic the cool part is that what what you see here is exactly what we have inside of the box so there's no gimmicks the product is very well made and here from the side of the box we can see some of the advantages of having a smart lock in your home which is the reason as to why I accepted this product for review and I've been testing it now for the past I will say three weeks or so and I'm really impressed with the quality of this little smart lock right here so anyways guys let's go ahead and open the box so that way you can check the contents inside and here we find the manuals we have a sketch for installation we have a Quick Start Guide as well and so on and so forth then here you have the front side up the lock and this will be very easy to install on pretty much any door especially if you have an existing door lock it is almost the same installation style except that now we have wired that needs to be ran and that's pretty much it guys so this bolt right here is optional you can take it off you don't need to drill your door at first I didn't know it was removable and I almost drilled my door and that's not great because then you would be stuck with this lock and if you remove it then you're gonna have the whole new door permanently so being removable is definitely great so if we have again the front side of the lock we have the touchscreen right here in the front then here we have so that we can insert our keys and still use it as a normal lock as well which is really nice so next year we have the inner part of the smart lock and this one carries the mainboard as well and here you guys can see it this piece is the catchable so that way you can insert your batteries of course I have this already programmed so that's why I left my batteries on there and I'll be explaining exactly how to program it in just a second after this guys you get the bracket which goes on the inner side of the door as well this is so that you can hold in place this piece and then this piece goes attached to the bracket like so I'll be explaining it in just a moment we have the die bolts ok very similar to the one that you probably already have on your door nothing special here it comes with some energizer batteries but I decided to go with Duracell you have some double he civ tape on here in case you guys don't want to use that bolt that I showed you before we have these extra parts and finally the screws for installation and that's all we find inside of the box so now that we know everything that comes inside of the box let's go ahead and proceed with the installation of this smart lock which only takes about 8 or 10 minutes approximately and my old lock used to do look like this so this is quite standard if you guys come from something similar to this then the installation should take about again 8 or 10 minutes super easy and the manuals do pra lot of great information so as you guys can appreciate they have included a whole bunch of pictures on how to install it what to do and not to do which is really awesome they also included a sketch in case you guys want to drill on your door for that extra screw that comes here on the upper side of the lock like so I went ahead and remove it because I didn't find it necessary this thing's very nice and rugged and it has a very thick metal so just using the screws that go here on the bottom side what's enough for me and I just decided to remove it and replace it here with the double adhesive tape I get very easy to do so first thing you want to do after removing your old lock it's installed to die bolt and make sure that you read the sticker this die goes up insert it in and install the two Phillips screws on the side right after you installed the die bolt the next step will be to install the front side of the door lock which is the one with the touch screen make sure that this pin here is vertical insert it in and run the wire underneath the die volt and make sure this bracket is in place and hold it up against the door at this point I would recommend that you guys get a second body to hold it for you now once you locate the bracket that goes on the inner side of the door make sure that you align it properly with the lock itself.

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