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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Qualify

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Qualify

A lot of you have asked me a question that you want to know how I qualified say ascendant and I'm going to make a separate DVD set for that my secrets and strategies that I build over the time for the CS end it and that's going to available by the December Nate I believe but for now along this is a small video I'm going to talk about briefly then what exactly I prepared and I've done to create and crack season it while I was doing MSE actually I've cracks he ascended at my second attempt then the first attempt I just sit for the exam to understand how exam is actually operating to analyze the exam and understand the exam in my environment the second time I cracked this year sign it now what I actually do for that this is exactly my strategies that I've actually taken there so first things first is the most interesting strategy for any part to be successful is that you need to understand that thing very well if you don't understand that thing very well you are not going to exceed in that exhaling that thing for example in CS I made exam to qualify CSM in exam you need to understand the CS and it exam very very well you to understand it so well that you can actually dissect it until that this is what exactly I am going to do to crack NIT now there comes the most important part because I I knew where exactly I am strong I knew when exactly I was weak and I also know you that these aren't the type of questions that are going to come so for knowing that thing what are exactly the question that are going to come what are the sections which are very important for C assignment because when I see the syllabus at the very first time I saw that this is actually the whole biology syllabus whatever you learned about biology in your whole life is the syllabus for CS and it so there is no reason to read and learn everything out there because obviously the question is not going to come from every corner of that syllabus and I was right because I have analyzed the question paper for last five years I have seen that yes the questions are not coming from not every corner that are coming from particularly certain topics again and again and again that's true for last t57 eight years of csironet though the syllabus is big but they prquestions all from certain sections more than compared to other sections right and in my other videos have talked about data in my suggestion videos have also talked about that that these are the sections which are very much more important for cracking it than other sections southern sections are there from where the questions come for 20 25 30 numbers of questions come and other sections where the questions only come come from 5 to 10 marks of questions so you need to analyze the question very well so this is the first thing that emptied I took five years of question paper ten different sets of question paper I analyze that question paper thoroughly for 15 to 20 days I haven't done anything else that was the first step for mycsmd preparation I study very less I learn very less what I did is a build of a strategy and this is the first strategy is to understand the exempt I sit that exam how would I st. exam I analyze those those questions of last five year and what I found is that I make a list these are the topics from where the questions are coming again and again and what number of those exact questions are coming from those topics and as this way I can build up a heat map of question list the heat map is some portions of questions are coming again and again from certain topics I call it a green there are some topics where the questions come less frequently but obviously there are certain question every year we call it a yellow topic and then finally there are certain sections where questions only come in one year or one time in twice a year so that thing so those are less frequent I call it a red so I categorize all the topics based on this idea why green yellow or red I found those green topics from where the questions are coming more and more and I choose those topics I start learning those topics and everything that topic covers all topic concepts are I care about all the concepts that are being into those topics and I prepare myself in that way then whatever questions are going to come from those topics I'm going to answer without any confusion like preparing that way that is the first thing I analyzed that question paper second thing is the preparation when I find that questions in my mind then I start preparing on those on those things because you know in csironet questions they don't ask you very complicated questions they ask two simple questions which leads to simple understanding and simple concept but people forget those concepts that is the biggest problem because we do not recall things in the first exam today I sit for CS and it I find that yes I have a recall certain things the question I saw I knew the answer for the question but I forgot so I realize that I need to recall many more times to keep it in your mind completely permanently and that's what I did for the next time and I succeed so that is I idea once we find the questions you know these are the section of the questions are going to come more and more so you.

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