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I'm here today with dr. Fred block research professor of sociology at University of california-davis to talk about his new book capitalism the future of an illusion thanks for joining us Fred my pleasure so why did you write this book well I I wrote this book because I had this kind of realization that a lot of people on the left and on the center you know when they saw something they didn't like about the way in which our system economic system would work would say well what do you expect that's capitalism and you know many of them would kind of go on and make various arguments as to why this was inherent in the nature of a capitalist system and at a certain point I realized that rather than opening up the possibility for reforms changes things you know a contemporary version of the New Deal that it was that saying that was in fact reinforcing the Wrights concept of capitalism which is that it is an unchanging and unchangeable system that every time you try to reform it even in the kind of most minimal kind of way say by raising taxes on the rich or on corporations you are having a tremendous cost in terms of lost efficiency lost productivity and and so forth so I then kind of process that through my own personal experience and that I talk in that in the book that in 1965 SDS students for a Democratic Society had its first march on Washington against the Vietnam War and the president of SDS at that time gave Paul Potter gave a famous speech where he said we must name the system that caused the us to fight in Vietnam we must name the system that produces racism and...