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Hey wisecracks Jared again while there are plenty of recent films that have disappointed us today we decided to go back in time to summer 2022 a time when 14-year old me was waiting in line 6 hours early to catch a glimpse at what would end up being one of the biggest disappointments of my fanboy life welcome to this wisecrack edition on The Matrix Reloaded what went wrong and in case you've been living under a rock spoilers ahead part of the reason why the original matrix worked so well was that a couple deep philosophical themes with a tight structure influenced heavily by Joseph Campbell's idea of the monomyth in the hero with a thousand faces Campbell explains that a hero's journey can be broken down into three phases separation from the world a penetration to some source of power and a life enhancing return this is a classic structure one that's been used time and time again slava Dziedzic I mean Dan Harmon writer of wisecrack favorite Rick and Morty says that this model is hardwired into our nervous system and trust that in a vacuum or raised by wolves our stories would follow this pattern but where does the story go once this cycle is complete once the protagonist has become in Campbell's words master of two worlds in a Neos case freakin Superman this is the problem the Wachowski spaced in writing The Matrix Reloaded and it's a pretty difficult problem once your characters become all-powerful how do you craft a meaningful story arc with believable internal and external conflict to their credit the Wachowski solution is pretty smart at least in theory well they can't change the fact that neo is essentially invincible they can ask but what if his godlike powers are as someone in a much better sequel once said that's all part of the plan and this forms the central plot of the Matrix Reloaded over the course of the film neo and the audience slowly realized that the prophecy is just another form of control the one never meant to end anything it was all another system with control all of Neos powers aren't evidence of him transcending the system his ability to do these things are just another part of the system in other words neo isn't breaking free from the matrix in any meaningful way but rather playing a predetermined role in a larger system which brings us to the central problem of the film action now when we say action we don't mean over-the-top fight sequences which there are plenty of instead what we're talking about here is dramatic action or any choice that a character makes to advance their goal in the overall plot of the film these don't have to be big weighty choices they can be as small as Luke deciding to follow r2d2 on its mission to find obi-wan and when it comes down to it there just isn't much dramatic action in the Matrix Reloaded add in the fact that all of Neos choices are just an illusion created by a larger system of control and you start to realize that there's actually no dramatic action here zero zip none instead were bogged down by lengthy philosophically confused monologues about determinism determinism loosely believes that through cause and effect every moment in the future is dictated by a moment in the past think of it like watching dominoes fall if you know which domino falls first you can be certain which one falls next and on and on and on until the end the Matrix Reloaded takes this philosophy and runs with it the opening scene is actually from the film's closing moments hammering home that the events of the past have already cemented the film's ending in the scene neo dreams of Trinity kicking ass with a bike helmet before being shot factor in that The Matrix has restarted six times already and you begin to realize that the film's ending isn't just predetermined but that the whole world has been literally stuck in a loop the punch clock in the guards office strikes midnight showing the literal completion of a circle and a seamless transition from one day's end to another's beginning cinema and the key-maker while explaining his plan to infiltrate the tower says that they have exactly 300 seconds for neo to reach the architect a conspicuously exact amount of time which happens to be the first three digits of pi sidenote pi also shows up in other places too like being spray-painted on the wall outside the Oracles apartment these images are constant reminders that neo isn't blazing a new path but rather retreading a circle for the sixth time neo awakes from this dream worried as only Keanu Reeves can possibly emote importantly there are no choices made in this opening except for neo choosing to admit I wish I knew what I'm supposed to do where is our first point of dramatic action you asked the first moment when a character makes a decision to advance his or her goals and the plot well that's a long way off in fact it's another 39 minutes off almost the whole first hour of the film involves Morpheus and crew playing politics while they seek the Oracle this gives us such memorable moments as pilgrims asking neo to bless their objects like Jesus future tribal rave scene 2.0 and a prolonged conversation between neo and counts for Hamid that makes sure the audience knows that the movie is going to question Neos agency doesn't make one wonder just what is control so when does the dramatic action actually start here it's not until neo finally locates the Oracle 44 minutes into the movie that the protagonist is given their quest and starts their journey compare this to Star Wars where Luke receives Leia's message at about the 20 minute mark and when this moment finally.

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