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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Representation

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Representation

Today let's talk about images images that are cute images that are funny and images that are awe-inspiring more specifically I want to talk about how do computers store images now we take a ton of images from our phone and computers every day I want to explore this idea of how do computers store images so if you get to the very end of this really long video I promise there is something magical in store we will reveal something extremely magical about computers ok let's begin here's what we're trying to do if you take an image of puppies how exactly does that image get stored inside a computer we're trying to build a bridge let's figure out how that's done in trying to answer this question I began to take some inspiration from Hollywood so here is an image that I found that I was in the movie The Matrix and here's another image that I found when I searched for computer programmer or hacker which is an image actually that is generally used in the evening news when they're talking about these subjects take a moment to pause the video and try and figure out if there are any similarities in between these two images you may have noticed that you see numbers like ones and zeroes well it seems that Hollywood wants us to believe that computers store images as ones and zeros or data as ones and zeros well in this instance they are right the stereotype that computers store things as ones and zeroes is actually correct so this image that you see of puppies inside the computer is nothing but ones and zeros so how is it that a beautiful image a beautiful mosaic is just converted deep down into nothing but...