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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Representation

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Representation

Today let's talk about images images that are cute images that are funny and images that are awe-inspiring more specifically I want to talk about how do computers store images now we take a ton of images from our phone and computers every day I want to explore this idea of how do computers store images so if you get to the very end of this really long video I promise there is something magical in store we will reveal something extremely magical about computers ok let's begin here's what we're trying to do if you take an image of puppies how exactly does that image get stored inside a computer we're trying to build a bridge let's figure out how that's done in trying to answer this question I began to take some inspiration from Hollywood so here is an image that I found that I was in the movie The Matrix and here's another image that I found when I searched for computer programmer or hacker which is an image actually that is generally used in the evening news when they're talking about these subjects take a moment to pause the video and try and figure out if there are any similarities in between these two images you may have noticed that you see numbers like ones and zeroes well it seems that Hollywood wants us to believe that computers store images as ones and zeros or data as ones and zeros well in this instance they are right the stereotype that computers store things as ones and zeroes is actually correct so this image that you see of puppies inside the computer is nothing but ones and zeros so how is it that a beautiful image a beautiful mosaic is just converted deep down into nothing but two numbers let's find out this conversation begins with the image of a couple simple image the reason why I chose this image is because it's easier for me to explain to you with the use of this particular simple image how images are stored inside a computer I could have taken another image but I chose this one because it's easier for me to explain it let's put a little grid on this image so I can refer to the different parts of the image really easily alright so let's think about a word that we've heard turn around a whole bunch of times called pixel what is a pixel well I looked down in the dictionary and found that it was made out of two words called picture and element so a smallest element in a picture is called a pixel where's the X coming from I'm not quite sure so each one of these little boxes or squares that you see superimposed on top of the cup that's a pixel okay alright so this image is particularly has what 12 pixels as height and 16 pixels wide so that makes it you guessed it 192 pixels can you see the top left pixel the top the box at the top left where the green arrow is pointing the computer says this particular pixel is white so I'm just going to store it as the letter W all right then it moves on to the next pixel and says that's white also so I'm going to refer to is it refer to it as W again and then the next pixel is black so in this instance I'll refer to it as B does this for the entire row the computer does this and there it is we have a whole bunch of letters that are representing the picture once the first row is done it moves on to the second row and so on so forth so in our journey to figure out how we go from an image of a cup to ones and zeros we've stumbled upon this idea that an image gets converted into a sequence of letters all right what's next well the next thing is this organization called Unicode short for universal code and what it does is that it creates a map between the letters A through Z and actually many other characters and number so it says a is 41 B is 42 so on so forth W in this case is 57 and so it basically is creating a map for between letters and numbers and so using this particular map what the computer does it says all right if the first pixel was W I'm going to try and remember it as 57 okay the next pixel is W also so it's another p57 the next pixel is B or black and that is going to be remembered as 42 so it does this for the entire row again and for the entire image and so we are now at a point where an image of a cup was converted to letters which have now been converted to numbers that you and I can understand okay well there is one more thing the computer does after the step which is that it takes these numbers that you and I can understand the numbers like fifty seven and puts it through a formula box and the output from this formula box is basically a conversion of that number to ones and zeros so fifty-seven is converted to the sequence of zeros and ones that you see on your screen all right so essentially what's going on is that the number 57 where you see the green arrow gets converted to a whole bunch of zeros and ones and then the next number gets converted and then the next number gets converted and voila what we have is essentially a whole bunch of ones and zeros so to recap what we have here is the image of a cup gets converted into a whole bunch of letters and then those letters in turn get converted into numbers that you.

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