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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Reserved

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Reserved

Hey YouTube just want to do a video today I guess expressing concerns and some problems I've been having with my Luminox watches I'll get right into it um all three of these watches are 100% legit purchase from amazon.com which I understand that Luminox want you to purchase them from a legitimate authorized retailer but these are purchased directly from Amazon not any third-party retailer on Amazon from amazon.com directly from the distributor themselves Amazon is a company so the problems would have and here's a the Evo color mark ladies model 7:05 three I'll zoom in here it is and at the 12 o'clock position right here at the bezel you could see that there's supposed to be a glass I guess protective housing over the tritium capsule which this one still lights up which is great as I'll show you in a minute my other one does not but yeah there's a glass piece that's supposed to be covering this but it's completely open and exposed tor if anything bumps there knocks and I'm sure it could just fall right out like I said 100 cent the JIT real show you guys the back here got the navy seal trident on the back swiss made and i know there are a lot of counterfeits floating around out there but like I said purchase directly from amazon.com themselves I know for a fact they wouldn't be selling counterfeits from themselves directly they would get it directly from the source so anyways here's this one model 7:05 three ladies caller mark it's like a baby blue but I just want to show that one issue I've had with this no issue with the waterproofing it's been great but let's trip this one now so this one is the 20th anniversary seal that 8815 black and red as you can see great condition same as the rest purchased from Amazon total clock peace glass bezel missing and this one itself I noticed it was in there when I got it used it for months and months and then I don't know how it happened one day I look down it was just missing and don't understand how it happened I don't abuse it I don't go scuba diving or go any high pressure environments such as deep water but it just it's just missing and this one itself this tritium glass tube does not light up any longer everything else in here perfect works no problem no issues and it's just it's just a bummer because you know I guess you can call it faulty hardware but 100% legit you know warranty cards everything you know I just want to show this one you know it's got the Luminox branding third one here having the most issues with with it twelve O'Clock bezel glass piece missing tritium still lights up but this one has been having issues with the waterproofing as you can see the water droplets on the inside up here at the ten o'clock position you can see the water on the inside of the face itself try to angle that up so you guys can really get a good look at it it's just unfortunate and this is my father's watch he I got this form as a gift always the embarrassing getting someone a nice present I think I paid around 200 for this one directly from Amazon and then you know it you know he called me saying he's having issues with it leaking he does surf a lot in San Diego so I mean he's in the water but there's no way this watch is going below you know two three feet in the water so I mean I mean it's labeled as a diving watch or a watch that should hold up to the elements and it's just unfortunate this happen show you the back it's legit everything's great so in a minute here I'm gonna go um just hold it in the shower I just want to show you what happens to the face when it is exposed to you know high humidity whether it's in the shower or you know in a tropical environment such as Hawaii where there's a lot of humidity in Florida I just want to show you guys you know what the face so this does and all the moisture that does get inside this watch so well back in a second show you guys what it looks like so it just ran my 88 17 model Luminox underwater and as you can see completely fogged up water droplets I mean it still works but it's literally every time you wash your hands you weren't in shower if you go swimming anything of the sort fogs up so I mean I mean it's still usable doable still works but obviously can see issues now I contacted Luminox about this issue and they told me that because I didn't purchase them from authorized retailer even though amazon.com itself is a reputable retailer they said that if the warranty is not covered so unfortunately has to be covered myself and this one right here is just over two years old I know Luminox is warranties cover you up to two years so regardless this one would be just out of warranty but this should not be happening to a watch just out of warranty um this one the 7:05 three model this is about three years old as well as this one right here and by the way this is my wife's Luminox that she got and yeah she doesn't do anything you know that would even warrant you know something like this breaking off to expose this I mean it's just a casual everyday wear tight watch so it's pretty much it I just wanted to force my concerns show you guys what's going on give you guys an informative heads up on your Luminox watch purchase.

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