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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Rico

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Rico

You getting your own everybody Oh Applause so I'm about to surprise daddy he has no idea that the school truck is here let's see if he's hungry come on corner guys surprise for you but no phones I got a surprise wrinkle me going it's about to be good you're gonna love me forever what do you do I see a Puerto Rican flag I had told you you brought up I will try I bought a home for church for us to taste food and have lunch alone and they got flowers in there no you can't go out alone yo well we needed a Puerto Rican food truck in LA Puerto Rico has such great in savory food and we found that there was a void in LA and obviously we wanted to make sure that were Tory canned food was represented in the wide spectrum of street food that is la what our truck is truly named after and for is the three Plata sandwich The Triplets of Sandwich is basically our punch allow it has better meal inside some people call it later on but it's a roast pork there's also steak and chicken well marinated inside we have lettuce in it fresh cut we also put potato sticks and our Mayo ketchup sauce which is also known as our Triple Threat sauce we're ready okay let's do this let's do this Music yes okay yoga even for McCoy okay we'll need to look at the presentation that is made up Wow the miracle don't cheat me right yep like when you go after the clog we go to the food truck rubella oh yeah I'm Moochi Mary I also love that it has like I could already see the message always makes me so happy awesome affirmation boy no sign no co o Wow wouldn't it be incest or now can you buy me for the softness of the bread and then you taste of the other meat and you take the second bite grab a pizza yeah I mean you might keep elevating no yeah I think the more you get into the sandwich imagine this after the club oh why you like your little sandwich I ain't gonna melt on the side I'm hoping on the side of something yo of it and then that's it you go go to sleep when you have the best seat another main thing that we have on our truck is of a fungal mofongo is smashed green plantain with garlic and our own mix of spices and our own Moho that we make and it's truly something so flavorful everything is made fresh so when you order them a fungal we actually you know advise people that it takes a little bit longer because it is mashed fresh to order it takes an extra 10 to 15 minutes because we fry the plantains we mash it up I'm always ready for this I was thinking no way no way there's no way you guys serve them before more like this girl at all times no I mean does it all young man I went there and I said bless me and I asked you to just make me have a great Monday and sure enough I've been blessed doesn't make sense it's so good but the crunchiness of the church around ya know it's like zelicah the flavor foam to the mat like that to me is what makes a mofongo miss the flavor you have corn yo you have the crunchiness you have the satsang the lecture on top is super soft everything just complements everything you know one thing about my fungo that I hate is when people make it way too much satsang and sometimes it's too salty is too overpowering and this is perfect okay so where are the mini cakes and we know that we know mangu we don't follow a little bit but I feel like I want to get the actual Puerto Rican stamp of approval and I want to call on a Puerto Rican friends to see if the triple that Chuck is willing well Tory Kenya were equally yeah well let's call them that's Colin you're at the minute the whiner so I heard there was mofongo here they have me a free Plata because I haven't had a flat iron so long that's like the iconic food oh my god okay I'm gonna let you know if it is a real deal okay cuz I've had experience with pretty bad before oh my god Oh boots funk so Wow I feel like the globe I don't know like there should be angels singing Music oh my god Wow incredible everybody is like different I want to finish this who knows when I'm gonna get this again this is so gladion did I do good did I do good it's like it's like a bittersweet moment right now it's over it's over it's like I want this every day I want to eat this every day like it was so good yeah so uh Fanta yeah taste buzz everything like all of the all of the flavors in your mouth were like yo someone that really knew what they were doing it right on top of the fact that look we got to put a Rika poop that's awkward Rika flag on a food truck out late that's the happiest I've ever been to see a Padrino going okay coriander you know no no like I love this thank you guys I don't know Thank You triple threat truck you guys are amazing you know say why God knows why your nunca he gonna take me family Music.

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