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The world had high hopes for president Trump's summit with North Korea's Kim Jung hoon this week in fact many expected the two would at least announce a formal end to the Korean War at the least right perhaps a pullback of the US sanctions or some form of economic development in exchange for the denuclearization most analysts had lower expectations that the summit would really not be much more than perhaps a photo app for both leaders nobody though expected what actually happened today when President Trump seemed to shock the press pool by canceling lunch packing his bags and announcing we're out of here No Deal RT Scottie Nell Hughes was at the summit as she has been all week and she's bringing us now the very latest from Hanoi Scotty Thank You Rick well president Donald Trump is almost back to the White House right now after a short stop in Alaska to thank the troops and honor them and wanted to say hello to them on his way across back across the sea now camera Joong Geun himself is still here in Hanoi and going to start a few day trip around a Viet Nam acting as though he this was a success a sessional trip for him now we're trying to still figure out which details it's kind of like a middle school Rick he said she said but it's he said he said and why exactly we were not able to get an agreement as a both parties seemed a very optimistic going in to this summit in fact a Vietnam was picked because it was considered to be a city of peace and a city of progress both economically and well on a world scale but unfortunately as it you mentioned in your open rate it doesn't seem like they walked away and neither side has made it plans whether or not they're going to get together to continue to have these conversations now on the US side President Trump said that in the North Koreans I wanted a full release of all sanctions and we're not willing to give up at all of their sites that we know of on the other side though the North Koreans came back and said no wait a moment it a five of the 11 UN sanctions the ones that directly impact our people to be lifted and we were going to give you the one a scientific facility that we know of fully dismantle it as you so there's still a lot of conversations yesterday president Trump did hold a press conference and in that press conference oddly enough there was only one question about Michael Cohen that was a very interesting but also causing controversy coming out that question was a question by it one of the reporters a very pressing question regarding the United States custody on an auto warmbier and his returns and whether or not President Trump had pressed Kim had press president Kim Jong or mr. kim jeong-hoon on whether or not he knew about the situation now President Trump is getting a lot of flack today because the people are saying that he covered for Kim saying I don't believe that he knew about it and that I also don't feel like he felt very bad about the situation well that's a little bit of a different tone than President Trump first expressed as this was one of the things that President Trump was given credit for was bringing a back auto even though he was in a state of a coma and letting his family take care of him this was something the President Trump even dressed referenced in his State of the Union in 2022 stating that he was going to say that he was going to please to honor the otto's memory with American resolve well you didn't hear that same conversation as it sounded like president Trump did not believe the kim jeong-hoon believed that now that's also different this wasn't a surprise question is the same question that was posed back in the last summit last summer and yet didn't even had more of a resolve of an issue then so a president Trump's getting some flack for not only coming not coming back with a deal not ending the Korean War not having humanitarian aid but also kind of going back on something that he probably should have said you know he could have pressed him foreign considered to be a one of the rear winds that the media had given President Trump credit for reporting a from Hanoi Vietnam before the end of the Trump camp summit I'm Scottie Nell Hughes come on home Scottie we look forward to seeing you here Scottie Nell Hughes reporting to us from gam oh no I understand Chazz you found us on YouTube and that's awesome but you know what I'm also live every night at 7 and 8 p.m. Eastern on DirecTV and Dish and cable and satellite the RT app oh and Pluto TV I'll see you there.

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