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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Spouse

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Spouse

Hi this is a Jacob supporting immigration attorney based in San Diego and in this video we're using show me it's an application that allows us to present information in the written format and recorded and I'm excited to use it so a lot of our clients and people visit our website are always interested to know what is the process to immigrate a foreign spouse to the United States when we have a foreign national who is currently out of the US waiting to come what is that what are the steps so the first step is the US citizen spouse must file an application a marriage petition application and that application is called the i-130 the Authority consists of forms supporting documents to establish to the government that there is a marriage and that the US citizen is asking to immigrate the foreign spouse the process of 1130 is filed with the USCIS which is the US citizenship immigration services and it's it's a form that is filed in the u.s. it's not sent to any foreign country but it is filed and he was and the process itself may take about four to five months for this application to get approved once the application is approved the petition is sent to the National Visa Center also known as the as the NVC this is a kind of like a middle agency of the State Department this is no longer the USCIS and at that point the National Visa Center will require more documents more fees from the US citizen and the foreign national as they prepare this case for the in the interview before the US Embassy that process may take another three to four months once the MVC's is done with the process they will send the case to the US US Embassy in the foreign country once the petition arrives the US Embassy that's going to take another two or three months for them to process it until they set up an interview and the interviews is the final step where they will question the foreign national verify some documents and if all goes well they'll issue an approval and that's going to be an immigrant visa the visa is good for six months and the four national can enter the US and present documents at port of entry and upon entry they're going to get their green card in the mail and they're going to be US residents so the whole process takes about ten months to a year to bring a foreign spouse at the US and of course it varies from country to country but it done correctly you will be successful if you have any questions feel free to email me jacob LH from me dot this and feel free to visit our Facebook page at facebook.com/manila.usembassy.

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