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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Ting

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Ting

This is the a Buick 9910 xes it's a wet offset press is to color you got your parent pressing your Teahen this is the Townsend industries anniversary edition 80 that means that you have your vertical horizontal and in tilt adjustment on the fly and that's important because I use polyester plates for all of my jobs I do short runs there's a downside to polyester it's pretty much a paper and so your punch holes are gonna in Long Gate over to the few thousand impressions and that image is going to start to shift on the T head and on the parent press and so it can be kind kind of tricky at times so you want to be able to adjust your T head to accommodate the parent press this video is posted on YouTube and so people can log in post a comment whether it be a question you have about your own issues on the press or answer somebody else's issues and I think this will be a huge knowledge base a be dick has a knowledge base and the thing about it is you have to pay for it here you don't login ask any questions you want I'll try and answer all of your questions or maybe you can answer other people's questions if your image needs to go back toward the catch tray insert your tool into the slotted bolt loosen it and spin the flywheel clockwise as much as you need to go use a measuring tool over here it's pretty accurate okay it looks like I only needed to go about an eighth of an inch keep pressure on that tighten it up and there you have it the fume hood helps out a lot it also protects the press against a leaky roof my jog speed is just under six thousand impressions per hour if you have paper caught in the rollers be sure not to rotate your rollers keep them in a specific pattern otherwise you may have issues where ink will not dock to another Oller make sure that your rollers are clean before inking up you don't want to have contamination when you're mixing ink measure to the precision of your instruments I use a Pantone color book mix your inks early make sure you get all the ink mixed in there I use the press to help mix the ink together I do not use water in this part I'll let the press mix the ink itself for about 10 minutes before adding water start the press and let it mix itself I use blue edge it's a conversion match diluted one to one part water and this is called desensitizing the rollers I do this before adding the water it's supposed to help prevent scumming you you you you.

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