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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Topic

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Topic

Hello my name is Jay my name is that nice to see you yeah yeah can I see your ID yep thank you okay how are you yeah all right we're going to start with your topic what topic have you chosen to discuss to talk about a Martine and this is my notes yeah okay tell me first it's about McDonald's and subway yeah I will give you a simple I will compare with McDonald's subway okay yeah tell me about the marketing first marketing and both of them are seven type of the customer and but a little different different places like McDonald's focus on fast fast food and subway is healthy healthy food and the subway also offered more more juice for customer and McDonald they prefer the customer to eat their mail in there stop there start it stores so that is why they offer a more state metal subway which company do you think that's the best marketing if if you want to when you eat mail more comfortable maybe you prefer the McDonald because they they have the more state and they have the toilet in it okay what about the target market I say McDonald they they're they their target is the most it's a common people yeah and let's operate just focus on some some part of the customer for example some people they won't eat a burger or the foot or now Morehouse have no more vegetables so maybe they prefer to choose the subway which do you prefer I in my opinion prefer the subway because I am in here I usually have enough time to do to eat my mail okay I've never been to subway but yeah it looks quite boring boring but i am i but i think i can i can make just by myself so it's the better better than mcdonald because mcdonald every mail it says stable now what about the public relations might not only they have the offerings and they offer some they offering some some opportunity to teach us the school or student to show them how mcdonald to manager their their their team yeah but subway didn't offer offer any service to their customers so do you think the subway need to work about the Public Relation probably because I in Brighton I think there are ten subways um I don't know anything about them yeah because I I try to search some information from website but I didn't I didn't see any information about sup when they offered a similar service about they helped the offering or they they show their manager to the customer but don't tell orphans yes in my country how does this work they will they will organize some they will organize some group and and they take money to tell people when they take money from the customer they will they will keep that money to help the open okay yes but I'm here I this didn't see your watch I haven't heard that even I didn't understand this point coupons do subway give coupons yeah but it's not not usual and that's for a discount but come compare with separate McDonald offer look more more special price for example less McDonald usually have special price in state staple time for a lunchtime or tea no ties where are you going to eat tonight oh maybe not because I I prefer to cook myself okay all right well thank you for the wraps yeah Interactive topic presentation great awarded be in the topic discussion she shows good coverage of the communication skills and shows understanding of the examiner by answering questions on the prepared topic and asking the examiner at least one question although there is some difficulty with pronunciation the contributions are very effective and there is good coverage of the communicative skills and language functions of the level.

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