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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Trademark

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Trademark

Welcome to watch one and thanks for logging on today we're looking at the Roger to please sympathy buy retrograde perpetual calendar 38 millimeters wide and 18 carat rose gold this buy retrograde perpetual calendar moon face is like all the watches featured on our YouTube channel actual inventory in stock and available for immediate purchase and delivery on our retail website watch you want calm and if you like getting the latest news views and reviews of luxury watches in daily video format please subscribe to our youtube channel watch you want ink now you may be wondering what is it that the watchmaker wears if you have your name on the dial and you can have anything from your own catalog what do you wear from your catalog well if your Roger Dubuis of the eponymous brand you wear this Roger Dubuis has been spotted wearing a virtually identical reference of the early sympathy by retrograde perpetual calendar moonface on his own wrist so given infinite choice and remember he's back with the company now so he can draw from the current catalog as well he's chosen this 38 millimeter by ten point five millimeter thick forty eight millimeter lug to lug 18 karat rose gold watch now you can see on the wrist six and a third inches 16 centimeters in circumference the where the fit ergonomics excellent this is a perfect size for a normal sized human wrist and it perfectly exhibits Roger to believe early philosophy of building what could be considered a modern watch in traditional proportions now you can see that there's nothing conservative about the flared pulled swollen and exaggerated flanks of this watch with gorgeous beautiful screw fix lugs contrasting finish pointed sapphire crystal and yes the Sapphire does fit the form of the case but while it is an exuberant form it's not an outlandish size and that's key to retaining the Geneva tradition of elegance the Roger to belief saw to a polt no he was four years a complication specialist with Patek Phillipe also an antique restorer and a sorta hired gun comp occasions developer within the industry so when he sought to create his own watch line he wanted to incorporate as many of these elements as possible breaking new ground while still respecting the traditions of his education his upbringing in the industry and the sympathy by retrograde perpetual definitely accomplishes that once again because it's only ten and a half millimeters thick and less than 50 millimeters lug to lug it's not a Geneva giant what it is however is a unique portrayal of the perpetual calendar complication now a bi retrograde so the date and the day featuring retrograding skeletonized heat blued hands you can also see the month at 12 o'clock with an integrated leap year indicator and then at 6 o'clock a moon phase beautiful and a gorgeous contrast with the white enamel dial that's right white enamel now traditional elements blend with the unconventional here you can see the Geneva Seal blazing unconventionally on the dial juxtaposed to a unique form-fitting railroad or train track sort of chapter ring around the exterior now it is a 60 minute scale but in most unconventional form this is the earliest version of the Roger to police sympathy perpetual calendar you can tell this first of all because of the 38 millimeter size and second because of the form-fitting sapphire crystal now this element in particular proved so difficult to manufacture that not long after Roger to police manufacturer reverted to using a shaped case yes but a circular crystal these early examples are the most sought by Roger doubly enthusiasts and also the most exquisite examples of the Roger doubly manufacturers workmanship now other highlight elements of this dial include the faceted and you can sort of see them glinting in the light at this angle but the faceted applied rose gold our markers one discrete four-sided index at each station of the hour it adds a little bit of a twinkle a little bit of a glitter to that gloss deep almost wet looking enamel dial all of the printing all of the indications are gorgeous and there's just enough color standing out in the red minute scale in the glued hands in those gorgeous rows go old Alfa hands at center I really like the choice of alpha over the heavier Dothan hands that particular element really sets off the dial anchors it at Center but doesn't obscure the indications unduly or place too much visual mass at center this is a very nicely balanced watch now for those who are new to the Roger Dubuis brand it's worth mentioning that Roger Dubuis is back with the house bearing his name today since 2022 he served as a sort of mentor to the young watch makers within the company and a global ambassador for the brand and it's worth mentioning again that this is the watch he chooses to wear himself given an infinite choice from the current catalogue and reach monks blessing he nevertheless favors this particular model because it's so judiciously blends the essential elements of traditional geneva octagon watchmaking with this modern expressive exuberant and even a little bit avant-garde case form now the finish is something that deserves to be highlighted and I hold it a little further away from the camera to try to get better focus because you can see from the side this double stepped bezel beautifully contoured has tremendous character and it's accentuated by a contrasting finish now vertically brushed along its flanks it is polished on the bezel and also polished on the hoods of the lugs the lugs have tremendous character the visual presence and they read as a separate distinct sculpted element polished on the top brushed on their sides fixed with screws the more expensive and robust way of assembling a lug and fixing a strap to a.

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