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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Unemployment

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Unemployment

Welcome to the printing and distribution center of the California Employment Development Department I'm Laurie levy deputy director here at EDD and this is where we print sort and Mail upwards of more than 200,000 unemployment insurance checks a day to people who have lost their jobs at the height of the recession we've paid out more than eighty million dollars a day in these valuable benefits money that is critical to you your family and your local community we know how important it is that you get these benefits on time about every two weeks during the course of your unemployment and there's something you can do to help us reach that goal make sure you fill out your continued claim form completely and correctly before you mail it every day EDD receives stacks and stacks of continued claim forms in the mail we rely on technology to help us get these claim forms open scanned and processed as quickly as possible yet every day upwards of thirty percent of the forms arrive incomplete or including some kind of error that slows down the process and can cause your claim form to be routed back to a representative for further follow-up and clarification from you delaying the issuance of your check to help us all avoid such delays we've developed a tip sheet for you with some important do's and gos of filling out the continue claim form you can find the summary tip sheet on the unemployment section of our EDD website at WWDC a govt hopefully will be helpful for you to have it handy when you fill out your form you can also refer to your handbook a guide to benefits and employment services for an explanation of each question on the claim form the handbook was sent to you after EDD processed your application and an internet copy can be found on our EDD website within about 10 days of EDD processing your application for UI benefits you will receive your first claim form which will need to fill out and return to us you must meet all eligibility requirements and only then will your first benefit check be issued along with another continue claim form you must complete and submit a continued claim form every two weeks now let's look at tip number one for filling out your form be sure to use only blue or black ink no pencils are pink or red ink because those are difficult for our scanners to read tip number two mark the answers by completely filling in the box it's hard for our scanners to read an X or a checkmark and tip number three be sure to answer every question a lot of people skip a question and that requires us to send you another form to fill out which delays your benefits now the first question asks if you were sick or injured during the dates listed at the top of the row if your answer is yes mark the number of days you were sick or injured the law requires you to be well enough to work every day in order to receive benefits so we must reduce your benefits 1/7 for each day you cannot work the second question asks was there any reason other than sickness or injury that you could not have accepted full-time work each workday you must remain ready and willing to accept work that matches your skills and background if you do mark yes then you could be determined ineligible to receive benefits for that week in which the conflict prevented you from being ready to accept a job for the third question you must tell us if you looked for work during the dates listed at the top of the row you can look for work in a number of ways such as over the phone or on the internet follow the instructions you received on your notice of unemployment insurance award and if the box under question number three is marked with an X like for those claiming fed at extension benefits then you must complete section B on the back of the claim form and tell us some details about your work search union members should follow instructions provided by their Union question four asks if you've refused any work during the dates listed at the top of the robe if you did refuse work then you will be scheduled for a follow-up phone interview to determine your continued eligibility for benefits the next question refers to any school or training attended answer yes only if you began attending school or training during the dates listed at the top of the form after that answer yes only when a new term begins or you start new classes during one of the weeks since attendance in school or training during your available work time may affect your eligibility for benefits a phone interview will be scheduled to determine your continued eligibility question 6 asks if you worked or earned money in the 2-week period if you did then you have to complete sections a and B directly below all hours worked and your gross wages monies earned before taxes must be reported in the week you actually worked regardless of when the paycheck is received all earnings must be reported even if the source of income is something like back pay holiday pay severance pay or workers compensation in this example let's say you work five hours on Sunday four hours on Tuesday and three hours on Friday that week and the hourly rate of pay was ten dollars twelve hours times ten dollars per hour equals one hundred and twenty dollars one hundred and twenty dollars is the earnings amount you would post in item six a you would also fill those hours in under item 6b along with the name and complete mailing address of the employer you worked for in this case.

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