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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Valid

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Valid

Hey everybody I'm Jason Paige and I wanted to go over a couple of tips today and also answer some questions that I've been getting about the plexiglass like paint brushes so the first tip I want to go over is just basically how to connect the flashlight to the different light painting tools using the universal connector all you're going to do is take your flashlight and you simply push it into the connector and then push any of the different light painting brushes attachments into the other end of the connector like that as you can see it's pretty well attached if you're going to be waving this thing around like crazy especially with some of the heavier attachments like the plexiglass what you want to do is actually hold it here you can actually hold from the universal connector actually feels better to hold from this point too because it's more balanced in your hand if you're holding it down here and you're waving around like crazy running the risk of having the actual plexiglass fall out of the attachment another thing that I want to go over is that they just push it in and out of the actual universal connector I've seen a few people at workshops actually try to screw these things into the connector and that's not how they go it's a simple system all you're going to do is push it in like that and kind of rock it back and forth to get out very simple to use people have asked how do I change the color of this well there's two ways to do it number one you could use a color-changing flashlight but another way to do it if you don't have a color-changing flashlight is you can take what are called we call gels alright and two companies make these it's called Rosco gels or Li also makes gels and filters and these come in you know a variety of colors every color and what you can do with these simply take it say this is an orange one here you're just going to take it you're going to put it over your flashlight like that and then you can just shove it all in to the universal connector right at the end like that and now you're going to have an orange light if you put it onto your plexiglass you can see that you're going to have orange along the edge there so that's a real simple quick and easy way to change the color of any other plexiglass like paintbrushes so another question I've been asked a couple times is how do I get more light on the outside edge of the plexiglass now say you wanted to really show a defined shape here when you get your light painting brushes is the plexiglass it comes with a nice polished edge but say you want a very defined shape and you want to have a lot of light all the way along the edges here so all you're going to do to get that effect is rough up the edge of the plexi you're not going to rough up any of the flat part or any of that but it's just this outside edge this is 80 grit sandpaper works fine 100 grit 120 grit and work I wouldn't go any rougher than 80 grit this is probably the roughest you want to go so you're going to take the edge of your plexiglass like this take your sandpaper on your sanding block and you're just literally going to drop the edge just like that as you see it's going to be really rough again you're not doing any of this card here you're going to leave all that nice and shiny just roughing the edge flip it over rough this side go all the way around rough that was that's going to give you a lot more light on the outside edge of your plexiglass so this is going to be the polished one and this is going to be the rough one here and you don't see the difference as you can see it's quite a bit more light here on this outside edge than there is here on the polished one as it comes straight out of the package so anyway that's a couple different things I wanted to go over with the with the plexiglass again the attachment simple push and pull system everything just pushes into place like so like that if you're going to be waving it around like crazy hold it from the balance point right there at the center of the actual universal connector that way you've got a good grip on it nothing's going to fall out that one's gonna break if you want to change the color of it all you're going to do is take the subshells Rosco Orly gels also just bills you can take those element it in and you're going to have a nice whatever color you want you'll have that on your plexiglass and then again if you want to get more of a defined edge like this one here all you're going to need to do take some simple sandpaper rough the edge like so and then you'll have this define edge on your like anywhere I hope that helped put that answer some of your questions and thank you very much for all your support you know it's incredible to see all the images people are sharing and just come very thankful so thank you all so much for all the support and see you again soon all right so I'm gonna go ahead do a couple examples real quick this is going to be with the polished edge plexiglass this is how it comes right out of the box we are just attached to a cozy 26 flash light settings I'm using ISO 100 f8 just.

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