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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 8815 Verification

Instructions and Help about Where Form 8815 Verification

Hi I'm jessenia from the Social Security Administration if you are viewing this presentation during the live broadcast you may submit any questions you have at any point by clicking the icon of the speech bubble that is located directly above the video window the Social Security Administration is committed to providing outstanding service to over 62 million beneficiaries as you are probably aware more and more business in our society is moving to online channels we would even imagine that most of you do some of your personal business online like looking up information shopping and banking our agency has a strong commitment to providing a robust suite of online service options to help you and your clients complete your social security business securely and conveniently to help get the word out about all the services available at WWDC curity gov we would like to partner with you advocates social service agencies and other third parties to help promote the use of our online services this partnership benefits all of us Social Security you and most of all those we serve one of the most important online services we offer is the online benefit verification letter when your clients need proof of their Social Security Supplemental Security income or Medicare benefits we encourage you to let them know they can get a benefit verification that are online instantly with a my social security account it can get their current information online from any computer and even their tablet or smartphone before your clients can request their instant benefit verification letter online though they will need to establish a my social security account establishing an account is a security requirement but it only needs to be done once your clients with a my social security account can get their benefit verification letter as often as they need to n when can be near for them no long lines in a Social Security office no waiting to be helped by phone instead of waiting to get the letter to come in the mail your clients will immediately see it and be able to print the letter that's easy and fast how whether your clients may be unable or unwilling to create an account if they blocked electronic access to their personal information with us recently moved or change their name place the freeze on their credit report have been the victim of domestic violence or identity theft or are uncomfortable with or unable to use the online process for some other reason in these cases they still may create an account in person by visiting the local Social Security office there are four easy steps to establishing a my social security account step 1 visit www.gfi.com/webmonitor associate een umber and a u.s. mailing address it's important to note that a person may only create an account to gain access to one's own personal information you cannot use this online service to access the records of another person with whom you have a business relationship for whom you are representative payee or for whom you are an appointed representative step 3 your client will need to prsome personal information to verify identity step 4 choose a username and a password to create the account to get the benefit verification letter or your client needs to do is sign in with the account and select get a benefit verification letter the letter will be displayed and may be printed or saved for later use if your client doesn't have a printer your client can request that the benefit verification letter be mailed here is an example of a benefit verification letter the benefit verification letter includes the following information name and address of the client the last four digits of the social security claim number information about current and past benefits including the payment amount when benefits began any deduction amounts and when payments are made each month date of birth and Medicare hospital and Medicare insurance start dates you may know these as Medicare Part A and Part B as you can see creating a my social security account is very easy and your clients can use their account to get immediate access to their official benefit verification letter no long lines in an office are waiting by the mailbox to get a letter that most people need right away getting the letter instantly online with a my social security account is fast secure and of course convenient we need you to help spread the word to your clients about this great online service the my social security website at www.uvu.edu/library thanks for joining us today so we'll go ahead and start with our first question and our first question came in and it is what if I need a client or customers benefit verification letter as a representative payee attorney representative or family member can I get a benefit verification letter for someone else and the answer is no unfortunately the my social security portal is for the individual even though you're the representative payee and you're there to help assist the person you can help the person through the portal but you cannot log on as the person and requests the benefit verification letter for the individual the individual will have to log on and request his or her own benefit verification letter that was good Jackie that was a good question we'll go ahead and go to our second question and the question is what if my client or customer is having difficulties creating a my social security account that's a good question if for some reason one of your clients or your customers is having difficulty creating an account or they continue to receive some sort of message that prevents them from creating on my social security account chances are they're probably going to have to visit a local field office and we've done this to protect our customers from identity theft so we have instituted.

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