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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 8815 Affordable

Instructions and Help about Which Form 8815 Affordable

Hi everybody its Matt Carter and Sam here with Carlos Correia designer for Vogue Paris and we've got this very cute retro ish bathing suit get away son in the final pattern almost talked about it so who threw this para being them into 55 and suppose like sweet Eliza was literally truly vintage style these pieces are too exception for spring/summer a lot of bra tops will relate tons of high-waisted shorts in other ways you get Ben to start off by contemporary style pieces are really people to make a little tricky construction here all the fabric options can fly you can try this for instance in this beautiful print you want to give it a vintage vein of always like this are very very loving the Wonder Michael Kors show it for school summer in this collection well another option if you want to make a more contemporary or modern cover straight-line denim okay like that yeah we're just going to do contrast top stitching interesting and if you do like it more vintage I've of a very super girl look the Giga gallon right here the killer vintage and I give it a more useful silhouettes but I think anybody know there's to show off this much skin could pull this off I think that the bra tops paired with like little background skirts and this looks really cute and fresh yeah I mean if you know what I'll do a high whispers force or can you i ways to regular Jean you know with the play opened only leg or you can do a high waisted straight leg pants and white in severe so yeah but not get socialized on poor I'll get this fun look this is great go and the pattern doesn't do to coming up right here and this except here is to the cute underneath the chambray and we'll just great girlfriend student with a gothic yes because a very versatile and ok great I love it Thank You Karla do.

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