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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 8815 Applies

Instructions and Help about Which Form 8815 Applies

I've been shopping and I've purchased everything we need to make tips with an acrylic overlay stuff that you can do at home I'm Susie and here with me today is Paige and we're gonna do this together let's get started Music so with tips half of the work is really kind of done for you you don't have to use a form the tips are already made they come in a little kit like this and this particular ones these are white and I've got the nude that's what we're going to use on Paige today you can see the difference these are very nude in color and that's what we're gonna work with but I do want to show you the white so I'm gonna show you it on her nail and how they look we're gonna go for a nude look today but if you're looking for the French white these are very effective as well because the French line is already cut in for you that's one of the hardest things to do when you're doing acrylic nails is building that French line but you can see if I lay it right on her nail see how beautiful that is the French is already done for you but I'm gonna select a nude color and sometimes when you put the nude colors on top of the French white tip it sees right through it so we're not gonna do the French today but we're gonna do tips so I'm pretty excited I've got five fingers I'm working with I've prepped all of them she's washed her hands we've sanitized and now I put the tips on four fingers well three fingers and a thumb and then we're gonna do the index finger let me show you how to do that so you do want to prep it I saved that part for you you want to take a file now when I was at the Sally store I bought all the stuff there none of this is her my professional collection this is all stuff that you can buy and I'm gonna recommend this file it's a 180 medium grit so use it still very gently on the natural nail so I use the kind of the round tip that's quite an advantage when you're trying to work in that cuticle that's what we're gonna do now so very gently you can go in circular motions and all you're doing is removing the shine off of the natural nail in every little corner don't press too hard is one thing I can't show you on camera is the pressure but it is just ever so lightly because he wants to get moving just a little bit it's just ever so slightly okay but you do wanted to get into every little corner because if it's mist and it's just still the natural mail and it's a bit shiny the acrylic won't stick to that part and it could lift and in the world of nail lifts that's huge even though it's a little area it's a huge lift you don't want that so we're just gonna file it so ever so gently just give it a nice file there we go and then you want to take a little duster and just get rid of the dust so the product I'm using today is called beauty secrets that's what they had in sally salon and i wanted to buy everything you can use so this is what i grabbed so I do have the nail liquid that goes with the system this is the monomer but about this little glass dish too there so you can put your monomer in it okay so now we want to put the last tip on when you're sizing a tip it's really important and how you do that you don't want to do them a little shy because all these products shrink just a little so you'd rather have your tip a little bit bigger than a little bit too shy right of the sides so this is the kama sizes they have a little number listed that's a for the lower the number goes the bigger the tip is so this is a three and you can see I'm just gonna show you the difference in the sizing you can see this is just a big if I press that into her finger it's just a little bit big on the sides and you don't want them to look big and wide and then if I put this one which is a five because you have to press it in and it does go away to the side but if it shrinks a little it's gonna be a little tight so before I think is a better size for her you could just nicely fit it in there and it goes right from side to the other side of her finger you can see it fits in there quite nicely so here's my glue and it's a brush on glue and I'm just going to take it put it down you got to be kind of speedy at this point I'm gonna put your glue in the well and then you wanna flip it over and see that little Ridge in there see that see-through part you want to fit that right under her nail you want a press hold it for a few seconds and then it should be happy okay so we don't need these guys now with the tips obviously those are too long so you've had square before right yeah and you would like a different shape what shape would you like almond we're gonna go for almond today okay cool so these are look at these things this handy tool is a tip cutter I mean you don't have to have it cuz you could take a hand file and just file.

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