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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 8815 Applies

Instructions and Help about Which Form 8815 Applies

I've been shopping and I've purchased everything we need to make tips with an acrylic overlay. Stuff that you can do at home. I'm Susie and here with me today is Paige and we're gonna do this together. Let's get started. Music. So, with tips, half of the work is really kind of done for you. You don't have to use a form, the tips are already made. They come in a little kit like this and this particular ones, these are white. And I've got the nude that's what we're going to use on Paige today. You can see the difference, these are very nude in color and that's what we're gonna work with. But I do want to show you the white, so I'm gonna show you it on her nail and how they look. We're gonna go for a nude look today, but if you're looking for the French white, these are very effective as well because the French line is already cut in for you. That's one of the hardest things to do when you're doing acrylic nails, is building that French line. But you can see, if I lay it right on her nail, see how beautiful that is? The French is already done for you. But I'm gonna select a nude color and sometimes when you put the nude colors on top of the French white tip, it sees right through it. So we're not gonna do the French today, but we're gonna do tips. So I'm pretty excited, I've got five fingers I'm working with. I've prepped all of them, she's washed her hands, we've sanitized, and now I put the tips on four fingers, well, three fingers and a thumb, and then we're gonna do the index finger. Let me show you...