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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 8815 Audit

Instructions and Help about Which Form 8815 Audit

We're going step by step through our ISO 9001 2022 free PDF checklist we go clause by clause and talk about what we're looking for in iso 9001 2022 to help you implement your quality management system this will be our top tips as we go through step by step our iso 9001 2022 free PDF checklist welcome to best practice TV stay tuned Music so let's get into this what we've got is this great free checklist on iso 9001 2022 that you can download I'm going to go clause by clause through this checklist and talk you through just some top tips and tricks and ideas of how you can address the requirement or what to look for in your organization to address what we're talking about so the first part of the checklist talks about context I'm just going to read the question then we're gonna have a quick chat about it have you determined the external and internal issues that are relevant to your organization's purpose and the achievement of customer satisfaction and the organization's strategic direction so what we're talking about over on the right hand side of the checklist is what documents or what reference material or what evidence would you present to prove that you're doing with that I've got three top things that you could look at the first would be the business plan now I do stumble across lots of organizations that say oh we don't need a business plan or business plans are relevant well I think you might want to reconsider that opinion so definitely put forward your business plan we can help you with links to different templates on the internet that are free for business plans you can do a google search but a business plan here because that's talking about your strategic direction the second thing here we would be probably looking for a be a good idea to have is a SWOT analysis looking at your strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats and that will help you to address your internal and your external issues and at a very high level here we could also drop the SWOT analysis and the business plan out into a risk register so they'd be three things that we'd be looking for that have been made specific to your organization to address that first question the second question do you have a way of reviewing and monitoring these on a regular basis now if you've got a business plan and you've got a strategic process of strategic planning and execution in place in your organization I'd be highly recommending that you run on a quarterly basis and you have a management review meeting or review of the business plan and the dashboard of statistics for how your company is tracking on a quarterly basis so if you were to have those quarterly meetings are the strategic reviews and the strategic check-in for your business then you'd be meeting that requirement the third question here is saying have you determined the needs and expectations of interested parties that are relevant to the quality management system so here you could be looking at a stakeholder analysis maybe as a brainstorming exercise on a whiteboard or on some butchers paper looking at all the different stakeholders in your organization and what they're interested in what they're concerned about what you can do to make them happy what you can do to make them upset so doing a stakeholder analysis and then starting to identify any unique requirements that they've got and again dropping those into that risk register that we talked about a couple of questions back has the scope of the quality management system being determined taking into account internal and external issues interested parties and products and services so it is important to understand what is the scope now a lot of people get sort of they do get caught up and struggle with this particular requirement but let's just talk about your business plan you've got a business plan what part of your business or what parts of your business does your business plan relate to and so for relates to the whole business then the scope here is the whole business so when we look at all aspects of the business and we look at all stakeholders involved in each stage in each process in each part in each geographical location we can start to do that analysis and identify all those issues where do we write those issues down again back in that risk register that we talked about at the beginning of this process how's your quality management system being established including the processes needed and their sequence and interaction now a little process map that says you know sales and marketing and finance and operations and Human Resources for example a warehousing or supply or project management we've done that on a bunch of our different YouTube videos here you look at the process flow or the process map and having an understanding of how each of the parts of your business relate to each other and fall into a logical sequence that's important to establish if that makes sense and have the criteria for managing these being established together with responsibilities methods measurements and related performance indicators needed to ensure the effective operation and control now if you go back a couple YouTube videos here on our best practice TV YouTube channel you'll see the process flow where we looked at each stage we looked at marketing sales finance operations and then we did the who what when where how and we developed that into a bit of a responsibilities matrix so it is important for each of the key processors that somebody is responsible now it could be one person or many and then each of the tasks that need to take place to keep your customers happy and deliver your services is.

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