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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 8815 Cardholder

Instructions and Help about Which Form 8815 Cardholder

Hey guys welcome back to another video we've got a lot of new people joining so hello and welcome to everyone is new ok we are talking about today what we talking about oh yeah we are talking about designer card holders this was actually a request that came in from a lady on Instagram called the ilish -1 oh I got something I'm gonna show you that here but to be fair if you've been with me a while you'll have seen these before now I haven't been shopping in a couple of months now just because my work with my business has been full-on I haven't even really left the house a lot recently because I'm trying to squeeze in my YouTube stuff around the stuff that actually Paisley Living some of the card holders that I've got I actually don't have many oh this one which you've seen a million times this is the Christian Louboutin it's a bit of a mess coin purse I highly recommend this hundred eighty five pound it's so cute you can get this in loads of different colors and also this is way unisex so for any of the guys watching if you like your luxury I don't think there's any problem with wearing a handbag or anything like that but if you don't want to go as far as a bag but you maybe want small things this is totally the sort of thing you can do this is the old classic this is the Chanel caviar card holder you can fit like an absolute ton of cards in here I think I've had about 16 cards in here at any one time you've got like a main opening at the back there but you've got smaller opening at the front this is perfect for anyone who commutes into work and you get the Train you know like obviously don't keep your bank cards all in there at the same time but I'm thinking you know you got your oyster oyster card in London you scan it that's what I used to use mine for also really hard wearing I've got this in 2022 I pretty I use this every day there are my two main card holders and I use them as wallet so they're my first two then there's that but that's nori a coin purse so I'm going to talk about that now the ones I'm going to talk about these are on my list of things that I want to look at some go into London next week I have tried to pick things that are all around about 100 pounds mark or when I say a hundred there in that 100 to 200 category the first thing is Chanel as I mentioned the Chanel no what is it the Paris to Rome collection that's like what is it the pre full collection launches in London I got told it launches the week of the 13th of June and in that collection it could be hit or miss I've heard it's going to be amazing but I don't know for sure I've seen some sneak previews and there's a lot of silver there's a lot of metallics there's also a lot of Browns and sort of bows and pearls in it as well one of the things I'm going to show you is this so this is the silver metallic card holder it's 195 pounds and I want to show this because I think in a lot of countries you don't always see the prices on the Chanel website correct me if I'm wrong but I think that's the vibe I get from people 195 pounds I think this is really nice item the only thing I would say is I've seen this in person and I can tell you now I think it's what is it it's like it's like a lambskin it's a very delicate material and that's why I didn't buy it because although it's absolutely beautiful I'm quite heavy-handed it's just going to get ruined the next item from Chanel again is it's another one from that Chevron silver sort of collection technically it's a coin purse but it's sort of a coin purse in the sense that this is like you could keep cards in it so this is a little bit more money this is 300 pounds but the reason again why what a show is if you think about that previous one the little card holder that's one-nine-five call it 200 for 100 pounds more you're getting a lot more wallet with like a zip on it that you could keep coins in as well as keeping in cards so I wanted to show it because you might be thinking okay I would rather put another extra hundred pounds in and get something that's a little bit more substantial really nice item very classic very nice and then the other thing I want to show from Chanel which I couldn't not talk about it is the classic caviar card holder this is 230 pounds now it's gone up a little bit from I think when I bought when I bought this this is what I'm saying about that loss I'm silver I'm cardholder I was telling you about in 2022 I wanted to get the cardholder the one that looks like this and went and looked at it but the lady in the shop said to me she was like for not much more money you can get this still a cardholder but it's sort of a little bit more functional you can actually put coins in there if you wanted to so I decided to opt for this that being said this won't suit everyone you might literally just want the cardholder so that is an option then the other brand I want to talk about now is one that I have a bit of a love-hate.

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