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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 8815 Cashed

Instructions and Help about Which Form 8815 Cashed

Music Music hey guys mr. Johnson here this film just basically gonna be throw-in this quick video that's basically going to allow you to watch me looking through my pace paper background okay so I'm doing this for several reasons but one particular reason I acknowledge this a lot of you know work from home opportunities there are a whole lot of things that's on the internet that claims who can make money online okay I watch them I sound great people always wonder okay you know is this really true I'll make you really making money or they just telling me this you know to make money from me and so again like Feliz oh because of human nature we're going to be a little skeptical okay when babies anyway with something you know like a workroom opportunity so I wanted to take a time not too much airtime but that's a quick second to show you guys you know what is possible okay so I'm going to log into my actual paper our code and you guys will be able to see the amount I've been able to make from home within the last just within February 13 days limbs within the past 13 days okay so I'm not just sure I'm not just telling you but I'm showing you what I've been able to make from the billion point okay within the past 13 days okay so there's my name Kimmy's a chart said okay now I'll set this like I said from February first just in the past 13 days to today okay and there I go now for all of those that says that cryptocurrency is not real that says the bulging coin is not real money this here shows you proof that I have been making real cash money from the building coin okay and not only have my investment been growing I'm also going to show you how much my assessment not only her manifestly been growing but I've also been able to make cash money and cash out okay some of my money from the building and so all of those naysayers that are saying oh you can with your money and let another lie yes you can you can destroy your money from your from your TBC account okay if you really see what's about making money and doing that using the building coin okay you could change your life then just connect with me and I just get you started okay I'm not showing you this not to brag or you know I just want to show you this to show you that what is to show you basically what it's possible okay I want to impress a party that this can be you if you only decide to make a change okay okay so this is my wallet this is the run of course a time-lapse fit after selling a few coins like just about every single day so I'm going to show you how much my cranks are now worth by the way we are now up to eighty two thousand eight hundred and eight totals there are five members in the building and community okay that is amazing every day that number is climbing and climbing and climbing okay so one second I'm going to show you how much my coins has grown to the lobby of my crisis room - okay let me select and this is going to be USD okay so I haven't checked my balance to see how much equal part of the past two or three days and the last time I checked it was actually only like 20 2022 mm now it's twenty-five thousand eight hundred and thirty-two dollars that is excited I am so excited twenty-five thousand eight hundred and thirty-two dollars okay the value of my clients has grown and every single date of Raju grows between 3% to 5% every single day I originally got started you know with a hundred in France Australia since then I would record purchase more corn so or two more times okay and so yeah so as you guys can see every single day it grows between 3% 3% okay you do not know what you're missing you guys do not know what you're missing if you're not in CBC you need to get in okay now I do want to say it those persons that are constantly in box they may say that I see a video can you help me sell my claim no I cannot help you sell your clients the same thing I'm doing every day I get up I work okay I grind I made sure my business is done all you simply have to do is get up and work okay you're an adult get up and work because go ahead and do something but please do not involve me asking me to sell your corns because I'm just going to not respond to you however if they're new to the billion kind moved in watching my videos and you're interested in getting started in CBC then you can inbox me and I will give you more information on how about able to you know create these cycle results I'm able to win every single day okay and I mean everything they came cash every single day for the past 13 days okay and I'm super excited to just share this information with you guys okay and this is only from you know payments are received through PayPal okay I've also receive payments through MoneyGram sign transfer like so this here's the joke it's actually way more than that if I was the calculated total the money grab payments I've received I'm applying transfer payments I received definitely it would be pretty close to 5,000 or so okay so guys listen it is possible all that starts with is you making a decision and you.

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