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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 8815 Dont

Instructions and Help about Which Form 8815 Dont

Well uh fast-forward we'll jump over a couple of online questions to a regular here Mike Kramer is an amaryllis Texas and he's watching us father talk about promise if I gotta waves Emily I'm in Amarillo Texas how you doing he misses us question is why you is not allowed to bury their dead in caskets and what do we bury in sheets specifically I'm not sure what I guess that's what he means to say not in caskets is not really true because we do bear in caskets we don't make them fancy they breton wouldn't plain wooden caskets we do not in the metal ones or stone ones and so on to and that we don't necessarily bury in sheets are called a threesome so there's two parts to answer that question we don't believe in preserving the body we spoke about the past that the body has to disintegrate and become built up new again after the sin of Adam and Eve we spoke a few weeks ago God said we don't want men to live forever people to live forever because they will never be able to come to his completion because since he sinned the body became very mundane the physical and earthly and we want the person to be able to come to the world to come in they holy pure fashion and the body that we have now is not holy and pure it has to go through the process of disintegrating in the ground and there would be real build we rebuilt to come rendezvous but to the shum of the soul in the future the soul leaves the body the soul lives the same way it was before the body disintegrates so we want the sooner the better the body disintegrates the sooner the better because we want to be very clear summation for to get up when the time for the resurrection of the dead when the dead will come alive we want that body totally to be disagreed and that'll be built up again and be able to come to get together within the Shama and much holy and pure way so therefore we don't want to bury in ways that the body should be preserved we wanted the body put in the ground in a very simple casket the shrouds that they call the the talk with him that we put on a dead body we close it with certain types of linen clothing that's very interesting backgrounds as far as that's concerned they used to bury the body with very expensive clothing to matter the effect and the old times because we wanted to show that the body is very important to us that the body lived in this world and did God's commandments and will come alive again in the future we don't just spell the body like an animal dead animal that this forget about it but this body that we we because very sacred we consider bodies to be very handled very carefully all kinds of laws how we have to have the handle dead body because we consider the very holy thing it was the living place of the soul together with the body together who service it got together the body in the soul so the body is very important to us and has to be handled with care and with with the right kind of respect so it has to be clothed just some person on the ground of it with the way it is you have to be clubs the special clothing as a matter of fact I said before they used to Club divide the very expensive clothing to show that we believe he is a Mason we believe that the Bible will come alive again in the future we don't just talk to the ground like that and say well who cares about like an animal cause for shoulder very but if you notice if the burial in the cemetery the feet of the body are put towards the road the head is put away from the road to show that the this amazing of that body will government stamp has amazed him his feats will walk right to the robe of the Babel can go to her it's supposed to go that's a symbolism of pleased amazed him in the future so the use of close the body the very expensive clothing and it came to a point that people couldn't afford it that which people used to clothe them with real expensive clothing to show that we respect the body it's going to get up in the future again it's not the thing that's we forgot about this going to come back again and poor people couldn't afford it it's like we have the problem today with people making very expensive weddings and the poor people can't afford it and people go and start borrowing money because they've embarrassed not to make expensive wedding because the neighbor next door maybe they will expensive wedding for who knows hundred thousand dollars that's not so much today for wedding some people and they can't afford it then they're embarrassed in everything borrow money and so on a lot many communities they make all kinds of laws that you cannot exceed a certain amount of money for a wedding because it's causing a lot of difficulty and embarrassment and pain for people can't afford it the same problem wasn't those times they said that that body which people used to close it was very expensive clothes and the poor people couldn't afford it so the point was some people used to run away somebody died they ran away some places I can't afford I can't take it you take care of people in the city think I can't afford it so what happened was the great rabbi revolution time to come Leo was one of the great.

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