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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 8815 Dont

Instructions and Help about Which Form 8815 Dont

Well, uh, fast forward, we'll jump over a couple of online questions to a regular here, Mike Kramer, who is in Amarillo, Texas, and he's watching us talk about burial practices. He misses us. His question is why Jews are not allowed to bury their dead in caskets and what do we bury in sheets specifically. I'm not sure what he means to say. Not burying in caskets is not really true because we do bury in caskets. We don't make them fancy. They are plain wooden caskets. We do not use metal or stone ones, and so on. Also, we don't necessarily bury in sheets. They are called a shroud. So there are two parts to answer that question. We don't believe in preserving the body. We spoke about this in the past, that the body has to disintegrate and become rebuilt anew after the sin of Adam and Eve. We spoke a few weeks ago about how God said we don't want humans to live forever because they will never be able to come to completion. Since he sinned, the body became very mundane, physical, and earthly. We want the person to be able to come to the world to come in a holy, pure fashion, and the body we have now is not holy and pure. It has to go through the process of disintegrating in the ground and then be rebuilt to come together with the soul in the future. When the soul leaves the body, the soul lives the same way it was before the body disintegrates. So we want the body to disintegrate as soon as possible because we want to be very clear for it to rise up when the time comes for the resurrection of the dead. We want that body to...