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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 8815 Download

Instructions and Help about Which Form 8815 Download

Hello guys my name is Ronnie and you welcome to oneself tutorial today are we going to be looking at installing a drop cord plugin I've had the cover the cost on to my fault Lamar my fault my poem many month events have been writing to me asking me how I did install different top coder plugins now for those of you who don't know watching this video and be wondering what what kind of stuff this guy is really talking about it's okay it's fine Club code add trip code of plugins adjuster special effects in a data that I used to make graphics in art they used in a a couple of software's including After Effects in lots of other softwares but today we're gonna I'm just going to take you through this very fast enough you just pay a little attention now when you go to the car when you go to the top card website but his W I'll tell you that that trap code is calm and now you look at all of this stuff you see the cool stuff that's right here that's what exactly is this these are this plugins make and if you haven't yet got your hands on our After Effects please it's a recommendation you're gonna do and now here you see that they're downloads downloads but once you try to click on any of those you're gonna get a demo version yes I met a Democrat him so what do we do somebody's gonna ask P what am I gonna do to get a real vibe for visors because today things about the free software movement okay hello follow with me so I just brought my Pirate Bay I related the dog when I get to my pirate bay that odd one I'm gonna put in this popcorn and there it is I've already got it so just wait within a minute and then I have lots lots of options to download from but then half just display any of them can work you just have to pass through within the comments whether the guy's saying about it so they'd have a virus or not then I download I'll see you open and then I'll stay okay then as soon as I realize my download is already finished then I just have to pick it open when I open the containing folder I see my vagina top quarter is right here then I just go open it then you just I'm just going to show you at just a sample of one but the instructions are all the same you just have to do the same stuff so I go to my it then here I just say yes and wait a minute wait a minute when I go back here remember they just um these are my crock that is the crock CD or but but let's pitch it specific and I if I see they couple over a cup of our Serie numbers that are down here that you have to input in manually we can't cope in Cespedes so I go back I was about to click next and then yes oh no then it asks you are you strolling a demo version or you interview you want to enter theory number but then with me my favorite number is already there some of you who say either okay I tried installing the software but I didn't see my serial number getting written hello wake up I already installed this already on my machine so the reason as to why is just bringing the software and the serial number indirectly because it's already exist so no need but you have to put it in directly or manually so it's done and then yes then I do wish to restart your computer that no no I don't want to do that and then it takes you to the home to our top code website so that he can run a feeling that registration registration up form I don't that maybe you do need that guys and then pull that I'll just do the same for the rest of the product that's queer remaining better inside you all of these are just do the same and then after when I finished I'll go to Maya I'll go to my after effects and study that the problem comes that whenever you started after historian Malcolm how many people you are the many of you were smart my friends have been complaining maybe you haven't yet complained but my friends have been complaining they have been saying that when they install the plugins after after the after installing they open up the start of After Effects and when they go to the effects Channel they can never access the the trap the trap code it takes they can never get them anywhere and they were wondering where they are but hold on homies door about anything you just feed all things right and find you computer hardly problems and they that you have any problem just go to your sister folder to your system folder and we just see one thing clearly when you go to the system folder you go to the program files once you and the program files just try to scroll to scroll down and look for trap called mentally when you see popcorn I see popcorn absolute up code I have to read you may be having one don't let me stop Cl cause up you may have installed one set of art of the plugins but three different things so I click inside here I see that I have a couple of effects they're really installed and they're there even Eve oh my god let me see that Ian I can't believe this they are all in but why is my After Effects not reflecting it every time I want to use.

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