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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 8815 Eligible

Instructions and Help about Which Form 8815 Eligible

Hi guys welcome back to my channel welcome if you're new i hope you're having a wonderful day as always my name is xenia and i make videos for people who like myself are going through the immigration process by themselves just a disclaimer that my videos are not legal advice i'm not an immigration attorney the purpose of my channel is to give you guys the confidence to go through the family based immigration process by yourself so for today's video i have decided to sit down and explain to you guys how the concurrent filing process actually works if this is your first video on this channel i suggest that you check out the multiple playlists that i have explaining the family family-based immigration process in the first half of this video i will explain the options that you have for concurrent filing and in the later half of this video i will go over some of the most frequent questions that i have received about concurrent filing in order to help your relative immigrate to the united states you first must file something known as petition for alien relative also known as form i-130 so this form can be filed by either u.s citizens or green card holders who want to help their relatives come to the united states depending on whether you are a permanent resident or us citizen there are different types of relatives that you can petition to immigrate to the united states and that is also outlined in the i 130 form instructions and once this petition i-130 is approved the next step for your relative is to apply for an actual green card if your relative is currently residing inside the united states they will have to apply for a green card using form i485 also known as adjustment of status application obviously there is a lot more paperwork involved in the process however the application i-130 and the application i-485 are the two primary steps in the entire immigration process the process of concurrent filing allows certain eligible immigrants combine the first and the second step meaning that they can submit the petition for alien relative as well as adjustment of status application together at the same time instead of waiting for the i-130 to be approved first and then being able to apply for a green card so let's talk about who these eligible immigrants are in the family based immigration cases these eligible immigrants are immediate relatives of united states citizens spouses unmarried children under the age of 21 and parents of u.s citizens everybody else unfortunately has to first wait for their i-130 to be approved before being able to apply for a green card let's actually talk about the concurrent filing process and how it works actually there are two ways that you can go about it you can either submit your i-130 application and i-485 application together by mail in one packet the other ...

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