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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 8815 Employment

Instructions and Help about Which Form 8815 Employment

Okay this is still in production of the rust-oleum roll-on paint job and I'll try to put some pictures before this hopefully they'll be in the video anyway it's not done it needs a lot of wet sanding I went really trying to get it perfect it's a 4x4 but I'm gonna do a little browse around and let you see how it turns out I found this video information on YouTube and decided to do it myself so here we go and the camera doesn't justice now that was just straight you know basically just cleaning the metal off with some alcohol and paper towels and then in the paint so I went dry so much on me and show so many imperfections even though when I was painting they had a few flies laying on it and I had or some debris and work those out picked them off and rewetting my roller and rolled it back on so you can see a little haze in it see a lot of orange peel if you get up on it closely we'll see if we can do a reflection in my hand other reflection of my hand turns out pretty nice yeah but you can tell it ain't a perfect job but you know considering when you spend twenty six dollars for a professional gallon and I only think I've used a quart yet that paint so that's it we roll to the back guess it's a four by four decals they're just buying a letter got some lady to cut and send me little rusty bed liner and the bed's not in bad shape get my racing stripes now right here there was a big dent and I just I worked it out the best I could I didn't really want to spend a lot of time on it you know the trucks a high mileage truck but I think it's not too bad yet before before a sticker there is 88 Silverado 4x4 1500 and did the doors down throughout here now I got a little bit on the I should have taped this off the first time in a Denton but the Chrome's not in the best of shape so I went to worried about that thinking about even replacing it now you see where it used to be blue I haven't painted that strip down throughout there attaches to the chrome front bumper and I still got to do the grille you see right there and I didn't take the time to go inside some of these little things like you can see right there a little bit of blue and if you get up closer you can see where I didn't roll down in here or even lift the hood to spray that I'll probably come back through when I wets in it and do some touch-up but I mean it-it's pretty nice shine looks pretty good and I this is one thing I never really found out on the paint in the trucks is a painting between the bed and that is a trick and I just basically rolled it in as far as I could and left the rest blue luckily it was a dark color from you know walking up on it unless you look back there you won't really see it so that's my rust-oleum paint job now I might do an updated video so you can look for it but it's probably gonna be a little while because I want this to fully Harden and cure you do not want to put in a second coat on until it's fully hardened and cured because when it shrinks underneath it will crack the top layer pretty much guaranteed just use the regular old foam roller brush or foam roller and a Windham foam brushes and I got one of those it's like dig one out real quick little event luck we'll see if you can see it in here that's basically what I use right there when a little dollar 91 trays and a foam roller I bought at Home Depot to use to roll it out and the main thing is you don't want to roll real sticky you want it to roll and you don't want to hear a lot of the noise from the paint like sounding like tape being removed when you're rolling it and if you do you're going to you're dealing with too tacky of paint and you'll it being so thick will cause it to leave a lot of lines in it from your roller if it's rolling out you don't hear that sound from tape being removed you're doing pretty good as long as of course you're not allowing it to run so check for updates and appreciate it youtubers.

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