Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 8815 Exempt

Instructions and Help about Which Form 8815 Exempt

Hello wonderful subscribers so I already did a video on the second letter that I sent to DMV on right to travel and to specifically with their own form unregister my automobile because I am NOT a commercial driver and I am not required to have a license plate on my car registration forward my car a driver's license for traveling in my car or forced insurance this is a fact that is in the law itself it is in their own definitions in the traffic code in the transportation code in all of their paperwork the Supreme Court has ruled on it 200 years of case law and all states across the United States all have right to travel in their case law and Court rulings what they're doing is they get you into their little kangaroo courts and try to screw you over there if you're successful and not allowing that to happen and you can actually get to the Supreme Court that's when you can make some real change but they they will do everything they can to keep you from ever taking right to travel anywhere farther than their stupid little courts because they're just there to get money out of you that's all they're doing so the point here is to not end up in their little kangaroo courts because first of all what do you have to do with their corporation that's a corporation you're not contracted with them they can't prove that you signed under or rather with a meeting of the minds that you knew that you were becoming a subservient to their jurisdiction or even a part of their jurisdiction so and they know this there's nothing they can do other try to trick you into being a compliant little slave to their system of greed and corruption and terrorism and mass murder and on and on the list goes so I rambled again I always ramble I'm sorry so this is when I did that last video on my second letter to DMV I of course went to read it over again and started making changes in some editions so I didn't actually send it then as I said I was I did actually send it yesterday you see the date up here on the top of the screen first letter was sent January 2nd I got their response back from that letter six weeks later it took them a month and a half to respond to my I think it was eight or nine page document on right to travel with evidence I did a video on that letter and they responded with asking me to write in their little area highlighted on their form in the statement of facts which I showed you in that last video they wanted to know when I took my car out of California to Seattle Washington so I realized that I hadn't addressed there the whole intent for that statement of facts so I had to add something to this and I came across some new information which I'm gonna share with you there's some very good information in this letter which by the way for you all I have put here that's something else we get to that in a minute I'll give a link to my letter which I've taken out my name my VIN numbers anything personal relating to me I've taken it out because this is got a lot of information on it which I'm going to go over with you right now the additions to my letter that I found so how I number my document is just my own system I put my VIN number here which ends with the four and DMV - - this is my second letter so I do it - that's how that's my numbering system on my correspondence with them to keep track of everything and of course I sent it certified mail so they have to sign for it and I will get a return receipt showing me that they did get get my letter in case they never respond so I might I'll try to find the additions to this letter without reading the entire thing again because it is nine pages long so I wrote here at the top second request for confirmation that my private non-commercial automobile is unregistered that the driver's license I was defrauded into flying for was voided and with an additional request for information and or an application for acquiring exempt plates for my private conveyance as is required of you under 188 California 734 207 page 251 1922 Cal Lexus 477 and this is new information that I found which was quite eye-opening I will thank you in advance for reading this letter in its entirety so I wanted to put this at the top so they understood exactly what this letter is about and what I'm expecting and what they're obligated to do which is supply me with an exempt plate now let's get to that right now before I continue with the letter this is I keep doing that this is very good information here now this is on scribed and usually they only give you part of part of a document and then you have to pay and subscribe to get the whole thing which I won't do because you can find this information somewhere else but for some reason this entire thing is here and it's not a full five pages so this is the Marin Municipal Water District versus Charles Chen you this is Supreme Court of California May 16 1922 apparently back then a water truck would go around delivering water it was nonprofit in other words it was not a commercial vehicle it was not making money on the roadways therefore they ruled that and I'll read some of this here they ruled that he should be given exempt plates let's see here.