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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 8815 Filing

Instructions and Help about Which Form 8815 Filing

Welcome Adventures and patent pioneers intellectual product and the realm of patents is a new and exciting frontier for you you've had your flash of genius now you can hopefully go on your renovation journey to seek a patent for your unique and inspired creation in other words if you think you may have an invention worth patenting then filing for a patent would be your next logical step forward on the road to joining the pantheon of patent holders the United States Patent and Trademark Office is the right place to start if you're thinking about filing a patent application but aren't sure how to do it the USPTO is your one-stop shop you can find the answer to all your particular patent questions right here let me walk you through an overview of the patent application process so you can begin to get your ducks in a row you know what I mean you can prepare for what comes next each step of the way before you go too far understand that you can't just patent any idea you have to have an invention for a process a machine something that can be manufactured or even a composition of matter or an improvement to an existing inventor your invention should have a purpose or solve a problem maybe it is smaller faster less expensive why every or environmentally friendlier than anything else like it of course an invention can't defy nature everyone knows that if you want to make a prototype that's one way you can show the invention in useful and really works but it's not required consider making a business plan before you even think about filing ask yourself who will buy your invention what their buying habits are and how much they will pay for it many resources are available to help you study the market start with the Internet and public libraries you can read magazines and journals and even do a search of already published applications and packets checkout business usa.gov for additional resources the searching that you did to prepare your business plan can also help you with a patent search for more assistance you can also visit us PTO headquarters your nearest USPTO satellite office or the closest patented trademark Resource Center and hey you can visit us online too because before you file a patent application you should make sure somebody else didn't think of it first did you really invent something new no need to reinvent the wheel you did invent something new or improved well look at you go if it really is novel and not obvious then you may be ready to file a patent application so that your intellectual property is protected if you file a patent application all by yourself the USPTO recognizes you as a pro se inventor there are resources like this video designed to help you you can go it alone but keep in mind the process requires persistence and determination consider the help of a registered patent agent or attorney to assist you the application process is likely to go more smoothly and with fewer mistakes if you seek representation I'm just saying you've made it this far in understanding the patent process and there are still a few more important things to consider it's not one size fits all for a patent in fact there are three types of patent applications utility plant and design a utility patent is for an invention such as a process a machine something that can be manufactured or even a composition of matter plant patents are for plants that are a sexually reproduced and design patent covers the ornamental design of an object or what's applied to it for design patents your invention will be protected for 15 years and for plant and utility applications in general your invention will be protected from the date of filing for 20 years say what that's right 20 years that is of course if a patent is granted visit u.s. PTO gov to learn more about the types of patents now my brave young patent pioneers it is time to check out the checklist provided hey hold up I'm not done yet so now that we've navigated to this challenging innovation journey you might feel like an expert or not so much and if you're not feeling it you can call the inventors assistance center at 1-800 PTO nine one nine nine or check the electronic filing system page at the USPTO website and you'll find descriptions and examples for each section along with contact info and pertinent patent particulars so patent on my fellow inventors patent on you.

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