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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 8815 Guarantees

Instructions and Help about Which Form 8815 Guarantees

Music see is it sitting right on top of the surface of the water okay Music welcome back to how to magic I am your host as an era today I'm showing you 10 magic challenges you're guaranteed to win the guarantee fairy might come by and leave a quarter am I right dad so if you're ready hit that thumbs up button for me unless don't okay the first one is a magic challenge that you can make to your friends and family using a dollar bill and three glasses take a look okay so here's the challenge you take this dollar bill we have three glasses your two normal glasses and a shot glass so you're taking the bill and you're going to balance it on the two glasses like that and then the goal is to try there you have to try to get the shot glass oh that's my comment it is possible I guarantee it and I will give you $100 you made it if you made a solution how about it can't turn up Siam Music there's no way you can do it anybody in this cell I'll show you the way this Bell just open this fast yes here's the secret oh you this is the trick to fold the dollar this is the exact shape like this send it across the two glasses your shot glass will sit come oh my oh yes oh it's dirty Wow yeah for their purse wow that's clever so really easy all you do is fold the dollar into this accordion shape fold their back this way actually other one and once more want to crease it really well spread it out just a little bit and you can add more creases make these closer together if you want but I've found this it's pretty sturdy with five folds just like this and you create a really sturdy little bridge that will support these shot glass sitting in between the two cups just like that so challenge your friends and family to super easy one all you need is three glasses and a dollar bill and that is how you do the magic dollar bill bridge this one is a classic magic challenge a really cool visual take a look okay here's the challenge but I have a shot glass full of water here I have another glass full of whiskey oh this is the challenge I want you to try to transfer the whiskey into that glass and the water into that glass but I'll you spilling everything into it Wow today I'm falling without it spilling or over foam I'm going to show you how check it out all you just take a playing card sit it on top of the water glass right flip it upside down now walk Music and just like that the whiskey and water have traded places okay here's the secret behind this fun magic challenge so the secret behind it is really simple as if science the density is really what causes them to switch places the water is more dense than the whiskey but when you've got them on top and you move that card you create like a little gap of the whiskey and water to pass through the two glasses of water I went down the whiskey flows up because it's less dense the water is going down into the whiskey and it's displacing the whiskey and forcing it up into this Cup as you remove the card more and more you can see it happen oh my gosh this is really close Wow you see the water gathering here at the bottom of the whisky glass and it's forcing the whiskey into the glass above and see it forming on the top here now this takes a minute you need and that is the secret behind the magic whiskey and water turn okay this is a way to magically smash the bottom out of a bottle take a look okay so I bet you I can safely break this bottle using just my bare hands ready watch just like that the bottom three times above here's the secret behind this crazy trick so here are the keys to this trick you want to make sure you get a clear glass bottle similar to this one and fill it with water make sure it is a non-carbonated liquid water works best you want to fill it almost all the way to the top then you're going to hold it in this grip just like this you want to make sure your hand is contacting the top of the bottle and not hitting your hand just like that when I hold it down around the neck just like this with a firm grip and then come down and firmly slap the top of the bottle with your bare hand on the hard part of your palm right here you want to find the part of your hand that's the hardest because you do have to hit it kind of hard now I do want to caution you there is a possibility depending on the type of the bottle that you use that it may crack all the way up and it could cut your hand and so be very careful when you do this and you might want to wear gloves so you hold the bottle like this you're going to smack it on top and the water inside is going to create a vacuum at the bottle and when the water inside comes back down it's going to hit the bottom of the bottle and cause it to shatter and break off bottom will suffer from the bottle just like that make a clean break fall off and it will completely blow the butt off of the bottle and that is how you do the magic bottle smash challenge that's how you're going to.

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