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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 8815 Locations

Instructions and Help about Which Form 8815 Locations

Hi I'm Tim welcome to watch one and thanks for logging on today I've got a real treat for you yes it's available for immediate purchase and delivery on our website watch you want calm but on our YouTube channel watch you on ink I'm ready to debut our first ever encounter with the halter Barnes antica better known as the Vianney halter Antica this model approximately 40 millimeters in diameter 18 karat rose gold is one of two watches that I believe represent the birth of the modern era of higher ology on the watch making an engineering side it was the 1986 to 1991 autumn our PGA Tour beyond one the first serially produced Toribiong wristwatch ever but on the aesthetic side the watch that changed our idea of what a luxury watch even an ultra daguan watch could look like was the 1998 to present halter Barnes later Vianney halter antica the watch that you see here now this is a rare sight even for me and I deal with top of the market luxury watches on a daily basis this is the first one I've ever seen much less held in my hand but what I found in most online photography of these watches is a lack of context watches like this or such rock stars that they're rarely photographed with anything to give a frame of reference online imagery is heavy on studio photography and composition staged shots not so much wrist shots so you can see on my wrist 6 and 1/3 inches 16 centimeters in circumference the antica actually reads considerably different than you might expect it's not an overwhelming mechanical monstrosity while steampunk is the operative term and I'll get to a little bit more that in a moment it's certainly not built in the proportions of a locomotive or attraction engine from the 19th century really it's actually quite fine with an ultra thin automatic winding mechanical movement it's also approximately the size of a normal 40 millimeter round watch on the wrist and that's due to the fact that the actual round portion of the watch as well as the round portion of the dial on which the sub dials are mounted is in fact 40 millimeters now these splayed out hinged lugs allow the watch to clear even the smallest of wrists with ease and it wears with a lightness that's quite frankly shocking I never expected the watch to be this discreet or this delicate in its detailing but it truly is it's a masterpiece in many respects first of all the inspiration in the art design but also the execution in such compact dimensions now you can see that it really does play nicely on a smaller wrist it's only about 10 millimeters thick at the base that holds the sub dials but you can see that like a gauge cluster on a vintage machine and by vintage machine I mean an old Baldwin locomotive each one of the individual gauges is of a different diameter but also of a different height and each one cantilevers out a little bit from the case flanks much like the turrets on a 19th century battleship or cruiser it's almost like it has its own separate set of bar bets mounted on the sides of its hull the imagery here is definitely what they call future Ontario or the idea of the past envisioning the future not so much Jules Verne and not so much HG Wells because they were futurists in the strictest sense trying to be predictive and convincing persuasive in their vision of the future making their best efforts at describing what a fantastical future might look like given the technologies that existed at their time now this the idea embodied in the antica designed by Jeff Barnes industrial designer and executed by Vianney halter the actual artisan this is the idea of looking at the future through the lens of the past combining almost anachronism and futurism into one entity that's what the future Ontario really means not an effort to emulate Jules Verne or HG Wells for the past science fiction writers of earlier times like the late 19th century early 20th century this is an effort to take a modern perspective put ourselves in the shoes of those envisioning the future and project something fantastical and impossible that's what steampunk is all about it's a sort of retro futurism and that's what's embodied here how influential has that been well consider MB n F now MB n F of course has had its horological machines they represent extreme avant-garde what they borrow from this watch is the idea that a watch at ultra-high end of the walk watch market doesn't have to look like a watch it could look like a computer it could look like a spaceship it could look like a 1950's turbine engine it could look like any number of things the form is no longer constraint but if you look at the MB NF legacy machines not the horological machines the idea as max bouce the principle of the brand has described max boosts air has essentially said this is the idea of a MB NF horological machine had it been built in the year 1890 what he's saying essentially is that he's borrowing the controlling idea of the antica he's taking a look to the future through the lens of the past creating something that is essentially a steampunk execution like the antica and you can see every element of this watch is thoughtfully designed it's incredibly expressive it's incredibly different now this caliber 198 bike halter Barnes later Vianney halter represents an extreme mutation of the long Xin L 990 later Lemonnier 88 10 and 88 15 ultra-thin movements now there's sort of a sophomoric notion in the luxury watch community that if a watch is based on a NEBOSH then it's not in-house or it represents.

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