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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 8815 Navigation

Instructions and Help about Which Form 8815 Navigation

Next I want to share with you a really good tip if you're sharing your databases with other people and that is how to set up custom categories in the navigation pane so right now I'm taking a look at my navigation and I'm seeing all of my different objects set up into different categories of tables queries forms and so on and I have a little drop-down right up here at the top and in that drop-down I can switch between Northwind traders and there's a couple of other different groups that are in here well here in the situation maybe I have a couple of employees or coworkers and I don't want them to be able to quickly access all of the forms and tables and reports and so on but they only work with certain ones I'll head over to the file tab and then down to options you want to make sure you're in the current database and scroll down to navigation and I'll click on navigation options so here are the different categories on the left hand side and the different objects that are in those categories here on the right on the left hand side I'm going to create a new category for Sarah and then a little bit later on I'll make it really easy for Sarah to access the tables in the forms that she normally works with so I'll come down here to the bottom to add item and I will call this item Sarah alright I'll click away just to make sure that's in there and right now over here on the right hand side you can see that the Sarah group has all unassigned objects well we're going to go in and make that change in a second but one more thing you can have up to 10 different categories so that's a really good number and over here on the right hand side I want to add a group well maybe Sarah updates both the Human Resources and the customer orders so I'm going to create one group called HR for Human Resources and then I'll click on add group again and create another group called orders and just hit enter on my keyboard alright I'll click on OK and ok one more time and you can see there's HR and there's borders and there's nothing in them right now they're totally empty so what I need to do down an unassigned objects is to pick and choose what I want inside of these two categories and then just drag them in there so for instance employee privileges and employees I want to go into Human Resources HR so I will shift click on employees make sure they're both highlighted and I'm going to left-click and drag them right on top of HR there they are and order detail down to order status I want that to be in orders so I'll just click and drag now I just click and drag to add those in because there was so close here in the unassigned but if I scroll down a little bit further maybe to the tables of the queries here and I need to add some of these to that group probably the easiest thing to do instead of trying to drag it would be to highlight the ones that I want right-click on them choose add to group and then choose the group that I want it to go in alright so if I scroll here now I can see orders and they're now in that orders group so you can either click and drag or right-click and add to group all right so the last thing I want to do here is I want to hide these unassigned objects because maybe this is all Sarah needs to see so I'll go back to file options come down to navigation options and find Sarah and uncheck unassigned objects I'll click on OK and ok and it's gone now Sarah has an easy way just to open up the objects that she needs.

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